Friday, May 16, 2014

My Lovelies!

Hello my darling family!!

So today's email is going to be very short. I know, it's a miracle!
Haha but luckily I was able to give you all types of updates while
looking at each of your beautiful faces. Ohh my goodness I really
loved Skyping with all of you soo very much and don't think it could
have made me happier. I honestly had such a blast chatting away with
all of you and even having a good amount of time speaking Spanish with
Ralph & Scotty! Brad, I still want to speak more with you!! And
Brittany responding to some of my questions as well... Very impressed.
Haha but honestly that was soo much fun for me and I can't wait to
talk more to you all in Español when I get home. Hopefully my accent
will be a great amount better by then as well. I promise I am working
on it every day! But thank you for being so nice about it and boosting
my confidence a little bit haha. You all are honestly the BEST and I
love each of you more than you possibly know. You bring so much joy
into to my life and pure happiness into my heart. After we finished
Skyping I was honestly beaming and couldn't stop smiling, I was sooo
happy!! I feel soo blessed to have each of you in my life and to have
you as my family & very best friends!!! This morning I was actually
just reading in 1 Nephi 2 ... (I am reading the Book of Mormon in
Spanish right now so I am not anywhere specific in my English Book of
Mormon) but I read verse 4 where it is talking about Lehi heading into
the wilderness and it says, "... he left his house, and the land of
his inheritance, and his gold, and his silver, and his precious
things, and took nothing with him, save it were his family...." With
you all so heavily on my mind, this verse stood out to me more than
normal and I related it to when we will be departing out of this life.
I thought about how when we leave this life we won't be taking with us
our homes, cars, clothes, cellphones, laptops, fancy belongings and
any other worldly items or precious things... but we will be taking
with us our FAMILIES, those we love and hold most dear to us, our
relationships... This really hit me as I pondered over it and I
realized how all of the little worldly "things" we see as so valuable
in this life truly are not valuable at all. But what is most valuable
and what we will indeed be taking with us after we die is our families
and spirits. There is a lot more I could say or go into detail about
this but it made me very happy to think about and also brought me a
whole lot of comfort and peace. I already have what is most precious
and valuable. My beautiful family & dearest friends. That's all that
matters. You are all that matters!! And how lucky am I to have such a
wonderful wonderful family at that??? Ohh I am sooo blessed & lucky I
do not even know how to express it. Heavenly Father knows how blessed
I feel though because I tell him about a million times each day haha.
But truly, you all mean more than the world to me and I couldn't love
each of you more!!! I feel like I wasn't able to express it as much as
I would have liked to while we were Skyping but seeing each of you and
hearing your voices, hearing your laughs and watching you interact
with one another and hearing all of the advice you had for me, hearing
your comments, stories, insight, jokes.... everything, just feeling
like I was with my most loves ones again really touched my heart so
much. You have noo idea how much it meant to me and how much it
uplifted my spirit. I am the luckiest girl & missionary in the entire
world and you are all everything to me!!!!! This also reminds me of
when Abby lost all of those items that were stolen out of her car and
after listing what she had lost she said to me, "I am thankful for
everything I have that are not things, and that is the most
important." That simple statement of hers impressed me so much and
meant a lot to me. It got me thinking as well and it is so true. If we
just take a step back in our crazy lives, get away from all of the
noise of the world... we will be able to have the spirit touch us and
we will realize how much we have to be grateful for and we'll
recognize what is most important and valuable. And we will clearly
realize it's not the "things" we have but the people we hold dear to
our hearts. I love you my dearest family ohhh so much and am sooo
thankful for each and everyone of you more than you know. I love you
so much.

Also, for you former missionaries.... I have written all of your
advice down and I am really taking it all to heart!! I set some new
goals for myself this morning actually and I am so excited to keep
working hard and trying out some new approaches to the work!!!! And
the same goes for my Spanish. I will try my best to keep improving it
each day as well!! Oh you all are so great and I appreciate your
advice, comments and help more than you know. How lucky am I to have
such wonderful examples in my life and such excellent role models of
the missionary I want to be???? You are all the absolute best and I
hope to be half the missionary each of you were!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I will send pictures from Any & Maria's baptism right now!!!
You are all going to die they are the cutest people alive. Our
TRACTING SUCCESS baptism. I love it too much and will never get over
it!! The fact that while Any was sharing her testimony she kept
looking at Hermana Richards and I and saying, "thank you for knocking
on my door, thank you for knocking on my door" while tears were
streaming down her face.... And she gave such a powerful, strong and
meaningful testimony. Wow, she is something else. Such an amazing
woman. And while us sister missionaries sang, "Más cerca Dios de Ti"
Any & Maria had tears streaming down their faces and would just look
at me with the biggest smiles. There are no words to describe how
happy that made me feel and I just felt the spirit soo strongly
throughout the entire baptismal service. They are so so special and
the most golden of all goldens. I love it so much. Also, I still can't
get over the fact that I got to be back in Gridley with my amazing
family there!!!! Ahhh it made me sooo happy. Ps. Remember not to plan
any trips for June of 2015 when the entire Gridley branch is coming to
Salt Lake City!!!!!!! You will get to meet everyone in our own home
town!!!!!! How is my life this good???? I feel completely spoiled. It
will be too amazing. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if members asked to
stay in our home.... That may be something to take into consideration.
Hahaha THE MISSION LIFE IS TOO GOOD!!!!!! Okay, I am going to go send
the baptism pictures. I love you all!!!!

Con mucho amor y un GRAN abrazo,

Hermana Barth

Okay. So we are at the library and I just tried to send pictures but
it was soooo slow and then wouldn't let me so I am going to try to
send them next week hopefully at the family history center. I am so
excited for you to see pictures though because they are the cutest and
it was such a special baptism!!!!!! So next week I will try again!! So

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