Friday, May 16, 2014

My Lovelies!

Hello my darling family!!

So today's email is going to be very short. I know, it's a miracle!
Haha but luckily I was able to give you all types of updates while
looking at each of your beautiful faces. Ohh my goodness I really
loved Skyping with all of you soo very much and don't think it could
have made me happier. I honestly had such a blast chatting away with
all of you and even having a good amount of time speaking Spanish with
Ralph & Scotty! Brad, I still want to speak more with you!! And
Brittany responding to some of my questions as well... Very impressed.
Haha but honestly that was soo much fun for me and I can't wait to
talk more to you all in Español when I get home. Hopefully my accent
will be a great amount better by then as well. I promise I am working
on it every day! But thank you for being so nice about it and boosting
my confidence a little bit haha. You all are honestly the BEST and I
love each of you more than you possibly know. You bring so much joy
into to my life and pure happiness into my heart. After we finished
Skyping I was honestly beaming and couldn't stop smiling, I was sooo
happy!! I feel soo blessed to have each of you in my life and to have
you as my family & very best friends!!! This morning I was actually
just reading in 1 Nephi 2 ... (I am reading the Book of Mormon in
Spanish right now so I am not anywhere specific in my English Book of
Mormon) but I read verse 4 where it is talking about Lehi heading into
the wilderness and it says, "... he left his house, and the land of
his inheritance, and his gold, and his silver, and his precious
things, and took nothing with him, save it were his family...." With
you all so heavily on my mind, this verse stood out to me more than
normal and I related it to when we will be departing out of this life.
I thought about how when we leave this life we won't be taking with us
our homes, cars, clothes, cellphones, laptops, fancy belongings and
any other worldly items or precious things... but we will be taking
with us our FAMILIES, those we love and hold most dear to us, our
relationships... This really hit me as I pondered over it and I
realized how all of the little worldly "things" we see as so valuable
in this life truly are not valuable at all. But what is most valuable
and what we will indeed be taking with us after we die is our families
and spirits. There is a lot more I could say or go into detail about
this but it made me very happy to think about and also brought me a
whole lot of comfort and peace. I already have what is most precious
and valuable. My beautiful family & dearest friends. That's all that
matters. You are all that matters!! And how lucky am I to have such a
wonderful wonderful family at that??? Ohh I am sooo blessed & lucky I
do not even know how to express it. Heavenly Father knows how blessed
I feel though because I tell him about a million times each day haha.
But truly, you all mean more than the world to me and I couldn't love
each of you more!!! I feel like I wasn't able to express it as much as
I would have liked to while we were Skyping but seeing each of you and
hearing your voices, hearing your laughs and watching you interact
with one another and hearing all of the advice you had for me, hearing
your comments, stories, insight, jokes.... everything, just feeling
like I was with my most loves ones again really touched my heart so
much. You have noo idea how much it meant to me and how much it
uplifted my spirit. I am the luckiest girl & missionary in the entire
world and you are all everything to me!!!!! This also reminds me of
when Abby lost all of those items that were stolen out of her car and
after listing what she had lost she said to me, "I am thankful for
everything I have that are not things, and that is the most
important." That simple statement of hers impressed me so much and
meant a lot to me. It got me thinking as well and it is so true. If we
just take a step back in our crazy lives, get away from all of the
noise of the world... we will be able to have the spirit touch us and
we will realize how much we have to be grateful for and we'll
recognize what is most important and valuable. And we will clearly
realize it's not the "things" we have but the people we hold dear to
our hearts. I love you my dearest family ohhh so much and am sooo
thankful for each and everyone of you more than you know. I love you
so much.

Also, for you former missionaries.... I have written all of your
advice down and I am really taking it all to heart!! I set some new
goals for myself this morning actually and I am so excited to keep
working hard and trying out some new approaches to the work!!!! And
the same goes for my Spanish. I will try my best to keep improving it
each day as well!! Oh you all are so great and I appreciate your
advice, comments and help more than you know. How lucky am I to have
such wonderful examples in my life and such excellent role models of
the missionary I want to be???? You are all the absolute best and I
hope to be half the missionary each of you were!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I will send pictures from Any & Maria's baptism right now!!!
You are all going to die they are the cutest people alive. Our
TRACTING SUCCESS baptism. I love it too much and will never get over
it!! The fact that while Any was sharing her testimony she kept
looking at Hermana Richards and I and saying, "thank you for knocking
on my door, thank you for knocking on my door" while tears were
streaming down her face.... And she gave such a powerful, strong and
meaningful testimony. Wow, she is something else. Such an amazing
woman. And while us sister missionaries sang, "Más cerca Dios de Ti"
Any & Maria had tears streaming down their faces and would just look
at me with the biggest smiles. There are no words to describe how
happy that made me feel and I just felt the spirit soo strongly
throughout the entire baptismal service. They are so so special and
the most golden of all goldens. I love it so much. Also, I still can't
get over the fact that I got to be back in Gridley with my amazing
family there!!!! Ahhh it made me sooo happy. Ps. Remember not to plan
any trips for June of 2015 when the entire Gridley branch is coming to
Salt Lake City!!!!!!! You will get to meet everyone in our own home
town!!!!!! How is my life this good???? I feel completely spoiled. It
will be too amazing. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if members asked to
stay in our home.... That may be something to take into consideration.
Hahaha THE MISSION LIFE IS TOO GOOD!!!!!! Okay, I am going to go send
the baptism pictures. I love you all!!!!

Con mucho amor y un GRAN abrazo,

Hermana Barth

Okay. So we are at the library and I just tried to send pictures but
it was soooo slow and then wouldn't let me so I am going to try to
send them next week hopefully at the family history center. I am so
excited for you to see pictures though because they are the cutest and
it was such a special baptism!!!!!! So next week I will try again!! So

Abigail's Birthday!!!!!

My dearest family!!

So before I tell you anything else... 
Ahhhh Abs I cannot believe it is your Birthday today!! Such a wonderful day it is. Also,
for everyone else... HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!! We had a fiesta on
Saturday with our branch so we're unfortunately not having one for
Cinco de Mayo today.. and I helped plan for the one that's happening
in Gridley tonight, which lots of my Yuba members are going to, sad,
haha but still what a lovely day it is. Abs, I hope you got my
Birthday package!! (I'll e-mail you separately right now) but I hope
everyone gives her lots of love & attention today and spoils her
rotten!!! Oh, which reminds me.. Mom! I got your Easter package last
Monday. The best!! I was soo excited to receive it and you couldn't
have made it better. I am now sleeping on the pillow case you sent me
every night too. I love it. It motivates me and puts a smile on my
face every time I see it when I go to bed. Especially seeing the big
quote that's in the middle, "Be still and know that I am God." I love
it!! Thank you so much!! Also, I got the sweetest letter from Grandma
Barth, my #1 writer. I am the luckiest. Okay and now I am going to
explain the rest of what I want to tell you in some bullet points...
It has been a crazy week!!!!

1. First off, I had my last interview with the one & only, President
Weston this past week. Wow. I don't even know how to describe the
interview I had with him. It was amazing. It could not have been more
spiritual or meant more to me. I honestly walked away from my
interview feeling like a changed person. That man inspires & motivates
me more than I can express and just overall is one of the most
spiritual and incredible men I know of. Honestly I cannot even begin
to explain how much I idolize, admire, look up to and love my
president. I love him so much!! And it makes me soo sad knowing he's
leaving in a month. I can't even think about it. I know President
Marston will be incredible as well but I don't know how anyone could
be better than President Weston. I am convinced he's the best
president in all the missions! And a future General Authority. Ohh I
cannot wait for you all to meet him. And I have a pretty good feeling
you will because he's only lives in Murray and near the end of our
interview he was like, "I will get to see you at your homecoming!!"
haha and I hadn't realized there was a chance he would come to my
homecoming till then, so that's pretty exciting. And then also he was
talking to me about future things such as school & marriage... talked
about me being a wife & mother, so crazy, haha and then he said near
the end, "your husband doesn't know how good he's going to have it...
but I am going to tell him." Haha and I thought to my self... huh??
And then he said, "I will be at your wedding!! Oh that will be so fun
to see you get married..." etc. etc. Oh my goodness the best!!
President Weston coming to both my homecoming & wedding!! I am the
luckiest!!! I have a feeling I will be stopping by the Weston home a
whole lot more than that as well, giving he lives so close. But it
made me pretty happy to think about. Such a benefit from living in
Utah. But as for a kind of feel for the main part of the interview...
I pretty much was in tears from the beginning. And he was teary during
a whole lot of it as well, especially at the end, which killed me even
more. He actually got pretty emotional at the end. Ohhh he is purely
amazing. We talked about so much and I asked him advice on a whole lot
of stuff as well and everything he told me just really touched my
heart and hit me in a way it hadn't before. He really stressed talking
about having strong, activating faith & a close relationship with the
Spirit (including meaningful prayers, etc.) for those are things I
need desperately for the rest of my life and will help me be the best
woman, daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother I can possibly be. So
anyways, there's a whole lot I could say but it was such a special
interview. I will never ever forget it. I know I will stay close to
President Weston for the rest of my life.

2. We found so much more success this past week!! Things have been soo
much better and are really looking upward! We found a darling couple,
tracting... woot woot and we were able to teach both the wife AND
husband which was huuuuge so we're super excited. We made a set lesson
with them and they were all ready to listen when we got there to
teach. Also, there neighbor, Gregorio, who's 19 sat in on the lesson
and was so awesome as well. Oh yeah.. So the man's name is Domingo and
we can't remember his wife's name (so bad) but they're probably in
their 40's and all of their family is in Mexico but they are soo
awesome and loved everything we taught from the Restoration and at the
end the mom said about a 10 minute (silent) prayer for us... we kinda
forgot to tell her to say it out loud?? But it was still nice. And
then they both committed to reading & praying about everything we
taught and the dad kept saying, "I know there is a lot of information
in this book... The Book of Mormon.. so I know I only need to read
from it to learn & understand more." So awesome. So golden. We have
another lesson with them tonight so I'll keep you updated on that!!

3. The absolute worst thing I have witnessed thus far on my mission
happened. So I won't go into TOO much detail... but Saturday night we
were at an area called, "Los Campos" ... "The Camps" which is
low-income housing and it's like a little Mexico, purely Hispanics..
Well anyways, we had a lesson there and were peacefully praying in our
car before walking to our lesson.. then when we got out these two
little cute Hispanic boys ran to us telling us this crazy dog had just
killed a cat. They said it had happened while we were in our car
(while we were praying). So anyways, we saw this freshly killed cat
and a crazy, red-eyed, pit bull looking dog continue to bite at it,
etc. yeahhh.. I was cringing and partially freaking out at this point.
But so then all the kids were running out, along with lots of the
neighbors, and they were trying to get this dog out. Well then... we
walked to our investigators house, 2 were there actually.. Augustina
and her ex-daughter-in-law Maria, and we told them what had happened
because it was clear something was going on. Then we watched the
psycho dog literally speed chase down three other cats. Which luckily
the cats escaped but we were all holding our breath watching it. I was
so relieved I didn't see the first cat get killed and I didn't want to
witness another. He was honestly on the look out for anything with
fur. So that was crazy and finally a security guy came out and the
owner of the dog... But then they just sat there with the crazy dog
not taking it away or anything. The security man was just standing
there smoking and not taking care of business. It drove me nuts. So
then, after about 10 minutes when we were all kinda watching what was
going on... We were all outside... and all of the sudden a cute, long
haired, medium sized, fluffy little dog came into sight and before we
knew it... Bam. The big crazy, evil dog, got a hold of it and we
witnessed the most horrifying scene. We watched the dog just shake
that little dog while it was in its mouth till it died and ohhh my
goodness. I was screaming, hiding behind my companion, cringing beyond
belief and completely horrified. It was so awful to watch and then the
dog ran right past us afterwards with a limp dog in it's mouth. Only a
little smaller than Henry and with hair like his when it's longer. I
was so mortified and what made it even worse was there were about 20
little darling Hispanic children all around witnessing everything. Of
course their parents were freaking out, yelling and telling them to go
inside during it all but yeah. It was awful. Sorry for the details but
it was the worst thing I have ever seen and it still makes me sick to
think about. Never thought I'd ever witness such a thing and I am
scarred. So sad too because Maria's daughter afterwards said with the
saddest look on her face, "I never want to come back here ever again."
Poor little thing is soo scarred!! So yeah, even though it is terrible
I couldn't not share the story. Sorry if I told more details then you
would like but Hermana Hughes and I still say, "Nobody will ever
understand what we witnessed!!!!!" It was too crazy & awful for words.
Ohh the things we experience on a mission. Haha

4. Let's see, what else... well again.. we saw a lot more success this
past week and things are happening and picking up slowly but surely.
Which makes me sooo happy. We are very content and have a lot of faith
we're going to witness many miracles together. We visited a ton of
less-actives this past week which was awesome and we're getting more
referrals, etc. Elder Mosely (Connor Haller's friend) and Elder Murray
gave us some awesome referrals too and I taught one of the deepest
Restoration lessons I have thus far with one of them. They knew the
bible so well so we were having to dig deep into stuff and it was
super fun. They are super Catholic but the husband enjoys reading the
Book of Mormon and said maybe the'll come visit our church one week.
We'll see! I kinda liked teaching someone who knew more doctrine. Made
it fascinating. But we feel wonderful and are having a ton of fun
along the way!! Also, I have Any & Maria's baptism this weekend!!!!!!
So I will be heading to Gridley on Saturday for that... which I am
soooo unbelievably excited about!!!! I finally get to watch my
tracting success, the most golden of all golden's and the cutest
mother & daughter ever... enter the waters of baptism!!!! I honestly
cannot wait. And then I will be able to tell you all about it over
skype the next day!!!! Mother's Day!!!! I have even more to be excited
about!!!! Oh, and I will be speaking in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday,
on Mother's Day, so that will be very fun!! And it's Hermana Piggott's
Birthday on Friday!!!! So many wonderful things to look forward to
this week & weekend. I love it!!!!!!

But okay, well I better go. I have a lot to update President on. But I
love you all sooo much and I hope everything is wonderful at home!! I
want to hear all about Abigail's graduation, David & Hailey's wedding
and then I hope my best friend and sister in the world has the BEST
BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!! Gayyyyorg I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ralph,
give her lots & lots of hugs for me today.


Su misionera,

Hermana Barth

Ps. Sorry for my letters that are novels!! I will try to make them
shorter. I am a crazy writer!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Stand All Amazed

My loveliest and most dearest family,

So as for an update on the missionary life of Hermana Barth!! Let's
see... Well, to be completely honest, this past week was probably the
hardest one I have had on my mission thus far. I hope you all don't
take that too serious though haha because I often don't know if it's
possible for anyone to love being a missionary and serving a mission
more than me. But I do admit this week had been rougher than most. I
think I have knocked on more doors than any of you could possibly
imagine. Last night my District Leader told me every door I knock
gives me more "husband points" though.... whatever that means! hahaha.
All week though we have worked so hard every day trying to contact
lists of potentials, less-actives, formers and even referrals of
investigators that we have received from the other Hermanas but we
have hardly been able to contact any of them. Sometimes we joke and
say they all must be together at a party we weren't invited to. Haha
no but we have just knocked & knocked & knocked our little hearts out,
tracting included, and not seen as great of success as I would like.
Haha one day, while on exchanges with Sister Lewis, we knocked doors
for a total of 7 hours!! 

Don't get me wrong, I actually am a missionary who really enjoys tracting and I don't think 
I could feel more comfortable knocking on complete strangers doors and doing door
approaches haha but still... what I love most is actually being able
to really teach. I absolutely love teaching the gospel and could do it
all day, every day. No doubt in my mind. So when I am not able to,
it's hard on me! I just want to help others learn and grow closer to
our Savior soo much!! If only you knew how great of a desire I have to
do this. I never knew I would have as great of a desire as I truly do.
But with Sister Lewis we were fortunately able to get in a door, her
name is Gloria, she is a new investigator.. and I taught the entire
Restoration (by myself because Sister Lewis is English haha) but that
was great and we have picked up a couple of other new investigators as
well whom I do have a great amount of faith in. But yeah, overall we
haven't seen as much success as I would like and everyone is always
telling us how there is soo much work to be done here and the other
Hermanas and Elders are always so busy... so I want to be apart of it!
I want to be busy teaching & teaching! 

And I know, with time, it will happen. I have to experiment my patience I so often talk,
 study and read about... but it has just been a different week. It also is new
experience for me training a brand new missionary in an area I am
still trying to get comfortable with. Sometimes it makes me a little
sad because I want Hermana Hughes to be able to teach a lot and
experience the great joy that comes from it but we aren't able to as
much as I would like. But luckily she has such a greenie fire in her
and is always as upbeat & positive as can be so we are still trying to
make the very best out of it. I know success is coming along with
many, many miracles. I can feel it. I just crave it so badly right

But overall, I am still my same, old, happy self!

 Still absolutely loving being a missionary and would not want to be anywhere
else doing anything else. My mission is everything to me. We have set
some big goals for this upcoming week as well which I hope will really
help. Yesterday we set up times to go visit less-actives with our
Relief Society President and we are going to try to visit lots of
members to gain their trust and receive referrals. I believe that will
truly be key for the work here. The members in this branch are soo
solid and awesome too so I am confident they will be a great help. We
also had over 80 people at church yesterday which was a huge deal.
Felt much bigger than Gridley. We also are getting a list of
less-actives from our Branch President, President Rivera who is sooo
awesome and we just met this past week.. so excited about him, so I
hope that will help. Less-actives are ohh so important to activate
because they already have the ordinances performed and hopefully they
can give us more referrals too. We have a lot to do!! I love it!!

Also, miracle for the week!!! So this morning at church I was just
getting a little sad because we have worked like crazy this past week
and tried so hard to find new people and are completely exhausted from
it... but then we had a baptism for the Elders in our branch tonight,
family of 5, so awesome... and we wanted to bring an investigator so
badly. So with our luck from the week, you'd think we wouldn't be able
to make it happen, but with faith all is possible right?? So we went
to a few investigators homes and we stopped at Agustina's, she's our
more elderly investigator, and we invited her and she said she wanted
to come!!! So we had dinner with the Alvarez family and then they went
and picked her up and she came!!!! Best thing ever!! The other
Hermana's used to teach her too and when they saw her walk in they
were shocked, later asking us how we got her to come.. but she,
without hesitation, wanted to... so it was a miracle!!!! The baptism
was absolutely beautiful and so spiritual too so I couldn't be
happier. She loved it and everyone was so good to her. So we hope to
see her dressed in white very soon. But having her come was such a
miracle for me personally and it was just what I needed after a long
week. It really lifted my spirit and just made me feel oh so good. It
helped me remember how worth it all of my hard work is and how
sometimes even the littlest things mean so much. The littlest things
can be such mercies from God. Also, another tender mercy... the Elders
asked us to teach the Restoration during the time those who were
baptized were changing. We agreed to it, very last minute, but oh was
I so happy we did it. 

This was the first time Hermana Hughes and I have been able to teach the full Restoration together and it was so amazing. While teaching I felt the spirit soo strongly and I was
completely reminded of why I am so happy, why I love my Savior so very
much and why I love being a missionary. I also shared my testimony
which confirmed to me all of my true, sincere beliefs and it just felt
so refreshing and ahh purely amazing. So that was awesome. Also, sooo
many people were at the baptism, including a great amount of members
from our branch and they were all so beautiful to look at while
teaching. I cannot explain it in words. It was so good. Also, Hermana
Rodriguez-Toledo sang "Asombro me da" ... "I stand all amazed" again
and this time it literally made my eyes well up with tears. Along with
so many others. I was just completely humbled listening to the lyrics
and felt it was absolutely perfect for me to hear tonight. I couldn't
help but be overwhelmed with emotions. This past week I have also had
moments where I have felt weak and as though I was lacking faith so it
has led me to pondering & studying over His Atonement a lot. This has
greatly humbled me and I truly do know that through my loving Brother
& Savior, Jesus Christ... I am always able to gain strength and build
upon my faith. I also sometimes feel so imperfect but I know my Savior
suffered & died for me so that I truly can be forgiven of all my many
sins and become cleansed & perfected through Him. So with that all
alone, I stand all amazed.


I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me,
Confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me.
I tremble to know that for me he was crucified,
That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died.

Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me
Enough to die for me!
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!

I marvel that he would descend from his throne divine
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine,
That he should extend his great love unto such as I,
Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.

Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me
Enough to die for me!
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!

I think of his hands pierced and bleeding to pay the debt!
Such mercy, such love and devotion can I forget?
No, no, I will praise and adore at the mercy seat,
Until at the glorified throne I kneel at his feet.

Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me
Enough to die for me!
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!

(In the beautiful language of Español)

             ASOMBRO ME DA
Asombro me da el amor que me da Jesús.
Confuso estoy por Su gracia y por Su luz,
y tiemblo al ver que por mí Él Su vida dio;
por mí, tan indigno, Su sangre Él derramó.

Cuán asombroso es que por amarme ̮así
muriera Él por mí. Cuán asombroso es lo que dio por mí.

Me cuesta ̮entender que quisiera Jesús bajar
del trono divino para mi ̮alma rescatar;
que Él extendiera perdón a tal pecador
y me redimiera y diera Su gran amor.

Cuán asombroso es que por amarme ̮así
muriera Él por mí. Cuán asombroso es lo que dio por mí.

Comprendo que Él en la cruz se dejó clavar.
Pagó mi rescate; no lo podré olvidar.
Por siempre jamás al Señor agradeceré;
mi vida y cuanto yo tengo a Él daré.

Cuán asombroso es que por amarme ̮así
muriera Él por mí. Cuán asombroso es lo que dio por mí.

If any of you ever have a day or week where you feel like things
aren't going your way or things just seem to be too hard.... try to
take a step back and remember all that our Savior Has done for you.

This is what I am trying my best to do and I already can feel the
difference. We must remember to always keep Him in our thoughts and
focus on all He has and continues to do for us. We must remember that
no matter who we are or what we've done.. He loves us unconditionally
and died for each and everyone of us individually so that we can
become ultimately perfected. Also we must remember that it is through
Him and only through Him we can receive complete joy, peace, &
happiness in this life and in the life to come. He is "the way and
there is no other way nor name given under Heaven whereby man can be
saved in the Kingdom of God." (2 Nephi 31:21)

I love you all so much and am so thankful for your love, support and
goodness in my life. I cannot express it enough how much I love you
all. Also, another big blessing... after a long day I received a
darling envelope in the mail from my best friend Hermana Piggott and
tears came to my eyes as I read her sweet words. This was another
great reminder to me of how blessed I am to have such wonderful people
& friendships in my life. Hermana Piggott, I love you so so much. Fam,
I still cannot wait for you to meet her in real life. She is the
absolute best and I couldn't love or adore her more. I think you all
already know that but I can't say it enough. Also, I got to talk to
Hermana Richards on the phone for a minute today and I loved hearing
from her as well. Hermana Richards is one of the best people I know
and I couldn't love her more either. I miss those two every single day
& I sincerely have the best friends ever. These two will forever be
close to me too. Heavenly Father loves me so much to have placed them
in my life. Oh how blessed am I. 


I love you all more than all of the stars in the sky and I want you to
know I truly would and will do anything & everything for each &
everyone of you. Thank you for being my loved ones.

Con todo de mi amor,

Hermana Barth

Other quick updates.... (These are super important for you, Hermana Piggott)

SAD UPDATE: I unfortunately found out this morning, during branch
council, that Hermano Montero from my Gridley branch passed away last
night. He had 7 heart attacks and didn't make it. I am so sad. No
words can express Hermano Montero and I may have mentioned him in
earlier emails as a very loud member in our branch.. he always would
yell out things during Sunday School or even Sacrament meeting, but he
had the biggest heart and I really always enjoyed him very much. Well
anyways, his dear wife Imelda is ohh so dear to me as well and I am so
sad for her. She is one of the strongest ladies I know of though but
please keep the Montero family in your prayers!! I still cannot
believe Fidel, Hermano Montero, is gone. I heard him bear his
testimony just a few weeks ago and I can still perfectly hear him say
very loudly (which he said every single time I saw him) "HOOOOLA
HERMANA!! ¿CÓMO ESTA?" Oh, it breaks my heart. The branch will
definitely not be the same without him.

FUNNY UPDATE: (to lighten the mood) I finally taught a Punjab!!! We
have a neighbor in our apartment complex, named Sahil, straight from
India.. and he is Hindu/Punjabi and he wanted us to teach him!! So we
did! His English is not the greatest so I am not positive all that he
got out of the lesson but Hermana Piggott used to always say if she
were to baptize a Punjab her mission would be complete (joke haha) but
I actually taught one and it was wonderful!! There are soooo many
Punjab's here but barely any of them speak English so it was awesome.
And also, during our lesson his darling mother, in her full-on Indian
attire, cooked us all this Indian food and it was amazing!!!! I hadn't
tasted anything like it on my mission and it was soo good. She didn't
know a lick of English either but was so smiley and sweet to us. It
was the best!! Haha oh, and also Sahil invited me to go to India with
him for his Sister's wedding... I told him I couldn't and he told me
how I must experience an Indian wedding. Yeah, no words to describe
Sahil. But he is very very nice. Great neighbor. Also, he said some
pretty inspirational quotes that I wrote down.... "We are not here to
focus on ourselves. We are here to focus on others." ... "My heart is
God. Without my heart, I cannot live. So without God, I cannot live."

Okay, time to go bowling!! Oh yes. This zone goes bowling for free
every Monday (a member owns an alley) and it is soo much fun. We went
last week and I loved it so much. Also, one of the Elders in my new
zone, Elder Clayburn, is from Pleasant Grove and is friends with
Hermana Howe!!!!! My other most favorite Hermana. Pretty fun to make
that connection. Okay, adios!

Oh!! And there are so many exciting events coming up at home!!!
Abigail's graduation!! David & Hailey's wedding (there invitation is
absolutely flawless and perfect by the way... such a gorgeous
couple... couldn't stop looking at it) haha tell them congrats from me
and that I love them both!! And then Miss Abigail Louise's birthday a
week from today!!!! Soo exciting! I'll write more next week on that.
But make sure to send this missionary plenty of pictures from these
special and important events so I can feel somewhat apart of the
celebrations haha love you all.