Monday, March 31, 2014

The Orchard House

Hello my loveliest family!!

So.... I have a lot I could say right now, as always. So I am going to
give you some quick updates... And then we are going to Oroville to
meet up with our Zone to go on another hike!!!! Last weeks hike to
"bald rock" was such a blast!!!! And this week we're hiking Table
Mountain which supposedly is covered in wildflowers right now! I
cannot wait!!!! But okay for some updates.......

1. We are SO BLESSED right now. We found more GOLDENS!!! Honestly.
Hermana Richards and I have noo idea why we are being so so blessed
right now. So, we decided we needed to finish tracting the apartment
complex where we found Any & Maria... So we did and the FIRST DOOR we
knocked on we found a very nice young man named José. He was
immediately so nice and warm to us and invited us in. He told us he
wanted to listen to our messages but also said, "Let me go grab my
wife!! She'll want to listen too!" Well, turns out his wife had gotten
2 root canals the day before and wasn't feeling her best so he asked
us to come back the next day at 4. So we did and we got to meet his
darling wife, Yolanda. They immediately gave us waters, asked if we
wanted some food, etc. and then we got to know them and started the
lesson!! Well, the lesson was going PERFECTLY and we soon found out
that he doesn't know much about religions in general but she is quite
educated yet said everything exactly how we wanted her too. Her
thoughts were SPOT on and we knew she was golden. Well, we then got to
Joseph Smith and she ended up telling us everything. She is sisters
with Rosalva, one of the Elder's investigators, whom we actually had
dinner with at the Hamblin's earlier this week!! And she used to
attend our church and take the discussions with the Elders about 7
months ago but then had work on Sundays and that's the only reason
things stopped. Then she got married to José only 6 months ago and
right now she is without a job. Which is sad, but GOOD because she can
come to church with us!! And anyways, she said we could not have come
at the more perfect time and she is ready to learn again and so is her
husband. She said it was no coincidence we knocked on her door when we
did and we ended up not being able to finish the lesson, due to time
and we had another appointment, but she said she would explain more to
her husband and even watch the Restoration DVD she has with him!!! SOO
AWESOME!! They are amazing. And they want us to come over for dinner
this week. Even though they have nothing, they still want to feed us.
It is soo nice!!! We are soo happy we found them. And so is Rosalva.
Then the only reason Rosalva and Luis, her husband, aren't married is
because they are waiting for their immigration papers and so if they
get married it will mess it all up. So anyways, they are prime and we
are so lucky to have found them and to start teaching them!! Also, it
was pretty crazy we found them at the first door we knocked at. NOT A

2. Any and Maria are amazing!! They went out of town for the weekend,
so we haven't seen them for a couple of days, but they will be on date
this week and they could not be more perfect!! We went over a few days
in a row last week and it was the best. We helped darling Maria with
her English homework and then would share our message/lesson
afterwards. It was the best!! Any LOVES having us over and even got
teary eyed when we were helping Maria. She appreciates our help soo
much and it is hard on her that she can't help her daughter due to a
language barrier. Also, Maria still isn't fluent in English so we have
to help her as well. Often one of us will be helping Maria and the
other will be teaching Any English though so it works out wonderful. I
love them both sooo much. Maria has completely warmed up to us too, at
first she was super quiet and shy, so I love it!! And Any asked us how
long we think we'll be here and when I said I probably will leave in a
few weeks she got all sad and said, "Ohh no!!! Why didn't you come to
me sooner!?!" And then when we explained that another awesome Hermana
will come she said, "But it won't be the same!!" Haha we JUST MET Any
and she is already so close to us. It's crazy. Relationships on the
mission are unlike anything else. It's amazing how close you can get
to someone SO quickly. Building a relationship through the gospel is
something very special. I cannot even fully describe it. Oh and how
cute is this... When we were having our closing prayer, Any asked
Maria to say it and when Maria asked for help to remember how.. Any
said, "Just like how we prayed together last night" and handed her one
of our pamphlets giving the steps on how we pray. It was sooo cute!!!!
Any also said that she felt soo good and peaceful when they prayed
together. SO AMAZING. They read the pamphlets together too and also,
Maria told us, "I don't have any homework on Friday's so is can do
more bible study with you!!!!" ... We were both like, is this real
life??? They are TOO DARLING & PERFECT. I couldn't be happier or more
excited about them. We should be seeing them at least 5 days this week
too. I love it!!! But I will keep you updated on them!!!! More to

3. Elvira is on date!!!!! She will be getting baptized April 6th!!!!
We can't do the 5th because of the Priesthood Session and also she has
something, so we put her on date for the 6th and it is going to be the
BEST DAY!!!! First off, we are going to have GENERAL CONFERENCE all
day, so we will already be extremely spiritually uplifted... Getting
sooo excited and pumped for the baptism.. And then on top of that, it
is the Anniversary or Birthday of the CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!! APRIL
6th!!!!!! Amazing. It couldn't be a more perfect date. SOOO... keep
praying for her so that everything goes as planned. She is honestly
the most precious lady ever and has been progressing soo rapidly.
Crazy too because when we first met with her she told us how much she
loves tea and showed us all her cute tea holders... But when we taught
her the Word of Wisdom she had NO PROBLEM saying she would stop
drinking it all. Including coffee. She said she would stop WITHOUT
HESITATION. It was a miracle. She is just learning, growing and
progressing so much and I know that Heavenly Father along with the
Holy Ghost are helping her so much!!!! More updates on her later.....
And as for Dalia, she is still progressing a ton but we can't get her
on date. She never feels ready enough to have an actual date but we're
working with her!!! She could not be more precious either. Those two
together are two peas in a pod... SO CUTE.

4. The entire Castañeda family came to church yesterday!!! All 6 of
them!!! Including the dad, Mauricio!!! It was the best!!! We have a
bit more to do to work with them but they're progressing and coming
along!!!! It's a little bit slower but I have faith that they will be
baptized soon enough!!! I love that family sooo much.

5. Lorenza has a testimony of everything and even will teach Antonio
lots about what we teach but we still can't get a solid date with her.
They are still having many marriage issues and so it's hard for her to
make any plans right now when her mind is so occupied by their
personal problems. It's hard. But we are praying and working with her.
It's also hard because she works all day, every day, except for
Sunday's and ever night except Saturdays and Sundays, she goes to
English class. She has to for community service hours for the house
they live in because it's government housing. Anyways, I am not going
to go into too much detail but she knows the church is true and knows
she needs to be baptized but she keeps holding back from making things
happen. I'll update you more later... But keep her in your

6. We have many many other investigators right now and honestly are
soo busy each day rushing from lesson to lesson. We are sooo blessed
right now and don't even feel like we deserve it!!!!! Heavenly Father
is truly pouring out blessings to us right now and we cannot express
our gratitude to Him enough. The other day after we met José and
Yolanda, we both were just BEAMING and giddy with excitement and said
we felt almost guilty for how much success we're having and for how
happy we are. Especially when the other missionaries in our district
are kinda in a drought right now. But we are sooo blessed and I
couldn't love what I am doing more. I couldn't love where I am
serving, who I am serving, who I am serving with, and everything more.
I AM SO BLESSED. Also, I know that it may seem like we aren't having
TONS of success because we aren't baptizing every week... But I
promise it's a LOT more than that and in my eyes, we are having more
success and witnessing more miracles than I could even ask for. It's
hard to explain but things are truly WONDERFUL.

7. We had a big branch fiesta the other night and it was sooo much
fun!!! Tons of people came and it overall was a great success. We also
had it outside, by the church, next to an orchard so it was gorgeous
and there was volleyball, a barbecue, etc. it was the best!!! I love
my little branch!!! I wish you could have all been there!!!!!

8. We also went out to dinner with Marcella and Estrella this week!!!
We walked to the restaurant and it was a blast. Love those two more
than words. Estrella is the sweetest, most adorable little girl and we
even made up a dance together on our way back while walking. Haha I
love her!!!!

9. We are still LOVING our little Orchard house. Which reminds me...
Abs, I got your letter!!!! First letter I have gotten at my new little
home and I thought the EXACT thing when we started calling our place
the orchard house. "LITTLE WOMEN" has been on my mind a ton!!!!!
Hahaha the other day I even had us listen to the Little Women cd you
sent me as we were driving our of the orchard. AMAZING. Honestly,
there is nothing better and I felt pure bliss!!! Also, the trees and
orchards around us and all over Gridley are blossoming soooo much and
so quickly!!! Everything is blooming and it is GORGEOUS every where
you look!!!!! Also, the trees that are past blooming all have the
brightest green leaves and yeah, it's breathtaking. I have missed
taking pictures of some orchards (due to lack of camera) but I will
try to catch some this week and send them to you!!!!!!! Even if you
just google search almond orchard (such a pretty one) or any type of
fruit/nut really... You can get a taste of the surroundings in my
quaint little town, Gridley. Also, the stars here at night are SOOOO
AMAZING!!!! Sooo so bright and they completely cover the sky. Pretty
much every night when we've been coming home we'll stay outside for a
few minutes and just stare at the sky. I think one night after daily
planning we may take blankets outside and just lay there too. It is
sooo peaceful and gorgeous where we now are. I cannot even describe
it!!!! Also, our neighbors could not be better!!!! Haha we joke that
they stalk us because I am NOT JOKING, every single night when we pull
into our house we get a call from them. Haha every night we get home
they call us about something and usually ask us if we want to come say
hi, have ice cream and just tell them how our day went. It is the
nicest!!!! The couple I used to live with were a little different
(YANDY y YEFF - Hermana Piggott hahahaha) I'll tell you stories in the
future, but so it is soo nice to come home and see the Smith's for a
minute. Also, the fact that Brother Smith is Santa. Kills me. I told
him he needs to come to Utah to be Santa and I'm the future for my
kids and he said he will!!!! He even told his wife about it haha. But
who KNOWS when I will have little darlings soooo we'll see about that.
Also, they want to come to Salt Lake when I am home and do a live
session in the Salt Lake temple. It's on their bucket list. Honestly,
they're our instant best friends. I love them so much. Oh yeah, and
the first day we spent in our home they had us over for biscuits in
the morning (classic) and then took us out to dinner and then had us
over for ice cream and a quick chat once we got home. Then we've
breakfast with them again, they always see if we need a dinner and ice
cream is constantly offered!!!! They really are the sweetest!!!!
Brother Smith also got "MAN OF THE YEAR" so they really are the best.
Haha I can't wait to send pictures!!!! He has a legit Santa beard in
real life. It's classic!!!! You'll meet them in the future too. Cannot

Okay, well I haven't read any of your emails yet but I will on our
drive to the hike!!!!! I cannot wait to hear how you are all doing.
OH!!!! And last thing....

SCOTTY!!!! Joelle is GORGEOUS!!!!! OHHH my goodness. Me and my
companion were just awing over the pictures you sent me. She is
absolutely stunning and from everything I have heard, she seems to be
just as beautiful in the inside!! Excuse my cheesiness haha. But she
seems to just be the cutest, sweetest, most darling girl. I wish I
were able to meet her!!! Send me more pictures will you and tell me
more!? I am so glad she was able to handle the Barth invasion as well.
Hahaha wish I could have witnessed that all firsthand. But really, she
seems SOO awesome and so classy as well. Will you please tell her
hello from me and that I am sad I didn't get to meet her?? I want to
write you a personal letter as well, besides this email, so can you
please send me your address??? I am so happy for you Scooter!!! You
two look sooo good together and just seem to both be completely
smitten. Haha I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I love you and I know I will love
Joelle as well!!!

Okay, I have to really go!!!! I will tell you more later.

I love you all soo very much. ¡ADIOS!

Con mucho mucho amor,

Hermana Barth

So it is super not here right now and I am starting to get tons of
freckles on my face and anyways.... The other day we came home for
lunch and my face was sooo freckly. So anyways, Hermana Richards and I
were talking about it for awhile and she was saying they weren't SUPER
noticeable but then on the way to our next lesson, we ran into this
little 7 year old named CJ. CJ came outside from another apartment
complex and screeeamed, "AHHHH TWINS!!!!" Hahaha and then he said I
was scarier. I asked him WHY and he said, "because you have
FRECKLES!!!" We both bursted out laughing and asked him why freckles
are scary and he said,"I am scared of freckles because they look like
lots of tiny ants." SOOOO I apparently now look like I have tons of
tiny ANTS on my face!!!! So hilarious. I told him they are "kisses
from the sun" .... Hahaha classic.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Hello my lovely family!! 


I hope you all are having the best and LUCKIEST day!!! And wearing lots of GREEN!!! Also, I was thinking about it this morning.... we have the BEST "pot of gold" to look forward to at the end of this "rainbow" haha "our time here on this earth" .... that being ETERNAL LIFE and hopefully the CELESTIAL KINGDOM!!!!!! I can't think of a better pot of gold or reward to look forward to. Hahaha I am trying to embrace the holiday spirit right now. Also, speaking of LUCKY ... I truly AM the LUCKIEST to be a full-time missionary of the Lord and feel soo so blessed every single day. Also, aren't we ALL sooo LUCKY to be children of our Heavenly Father and to have the RESTORED GOSPEL in our lives!?!? Haha I am beyond happy about it!!!!

But okay. And before anything else, nobody in our family has emailed me yet and I know it is because you think I won't be e-mailing till much later... but from now on I will be e-mailing this early again. I used to have wifi at my house and so we could do our e-mailing at whatever time we wanted. But now I don't have wifi so we are needing the internet access from the church. I would rather type on a computer (even with just my two pointer fingers haha) than type on my little ipad too so we're going to e-mail at the family history center again. So anyways, that's what we're going to be doing!! And we will probably e-mail around 10 again like I used to... so that we can get everything else done that we need to for the rest of our p-day. So e-mail me earlier if you can please!! E-mail me Sunday nights!! But anyways... as for the real stuff haha .....

First off, it's official..... WE MOVED. It has been a CRAZY last week too but such an exciting one!!! Soo... after waiting just a little while... the housing department from the mission, Elder Bell & Elder Falls, told us about a little house a counselor in the Stake Presidency, Brother Leichman, owns that's in the middle of an orchard. When we first heard about it they said it would most likely be a "temporary house" because they didn't know what condition the place was in, what the location was like, etc. With it being a vacant house... in the middle of an orchard.. you can imagine how we were all picturing it. So anyways, the next day Elder Bell & Elder Falls came down and met with us to go check out the place. Well, I was picturing it to be a total run down shack with cracking wood floors, cobwebs, dust & dirt everywhere, etc. and these men told us they would bring us mattresses to sleep on until we found our actual new place and so again, I felt like we were going on an adventure! Camping more like. Haha and actually, Hermana Richards and I were ecstatic about all of this and kept saying, "we get to sleepover in an orchard house!!!" Haha it sounds soo fun and like a thrill. But anyways, we finally got to drive out to the place and we literally drove right through an orchard to get to our little place. Our excitement was growing and then we walked in the little place!! Oh my goodness!! It looked PERFECT. Supposedly Brother Leichman had fixed up the inside, remodeled it a little bit, for his newlywed daughter and her husband to live their during harvest season... but it is so perfect!! We instantly fell in love and said, "WE'LL TAKE IT!!!" Haha we were the giddiest kids and kept saying over and over how we wanted to make this place our permanent home. It is very small, only two rooms, that being our bedroom and the kitchen/family roomis kinda, and then the bathroom is attached to the bedroom... but there is a couple of steps and a door that lead from the bedroom to the kitchen and anyways, it's all very clean, white and roomy. The ceilings are pretty high and anyways... it is still a tiny orchard house but we LOVE IT. And it has now become OUR orchard house!!!!!! We talked with Elder Falls & Elder Bell about staying and then we talked to President Payne who talked to Brother Liechman and anyways.... we get to stay for good!!! It's the best!!!!! I will send pictures asap. But we love it so much!! It is in the middle of a walnut orchard and it is so beautiful, peaceful and ahhh I am so happy. Oh yeah, and after we checked out the place and found out we could stay, that day, they told us we were moving in TOMORROW. The girlfriend of Jeff's son and her baby had already moved into our current home and so Elder Bell wanted us moved out immediately. So we did just that. The next day we were completely moved out and moved into our darling place! It was quite crazy as well because we had to pack and move out in between teaching appointments but we made it all work and we were soooo excited about our new place that we were just as happy as ever and made it so much fun. Haha you should have seen us when we got our key and were first alone in our new house. We were both all smiles, dancing around the house (literally) and just on cloud 9. I loved living with members but I am so happy to have our own place and it is just in the middle of an ORCHARD so it's sooo peaceful, quiet and amazing. Also, we actually have another house in the orchard with us. And they are members. This is actually why we are able to stay. Because we have the Smith's next door. Haha funny fact: Brother Smith was the Santa Claus at our Branch Christmas fiesta so that Christmas card I sent out to you was with him (not the one of me dressed up as Santa haha) but so we have these neighbors and they haven't had neighbors in so long so they are so excited as well. Haha our first actual day living there they had us over for biscuits in the morning, took us out to dinner that night and then had us walk over after we got home to have ice cream sandwiches and hear about our day/lesson. So cute!!! They are awesome!!! Our little place is right next to them too so it's like we are still receiving the benefits from living with members yet have our own private place. It honestly could not be more perfect!!! ALSO, Elder Bell & Elder Falls brought us brand new everything for our home!!! They brought us these new wood beds (which they had the Elders come help us put together, etc.), we got brand new mattresses!! Which is our favorite thing. They bought us the thickest, comfiest, fluffliest and most amazing mattresses I have ever seen. They are so thick and comfy and they said they are only buying these super nice ones when they get new mattresses now. So we are sleeping on CLOUDS. Haha the Elders were sooo mad though because they have bad mattresses and couldn't get over how well they were treating us. With the house and everything. The mission really treats us Sisters far too well. It's pretty ridiculous. So on top of the beds, they got us a dresser, tables, new comfy chairs for studying and then after all of that... they went shopping for three hours for us and came back with a microwave, blender, toaster, ironing board, iron, vacuum, rice cooker, pots and pans, bookshelf, everything you could possibly need in a kitchen or home!!! It's crazy!!! I will send you a picture. But yeah so we felt soooo so blessed and spoiled. I still cannot get over all they have done for us/given us. Wow. Haha they said we were like a newlywed couple and it honestly feels like that!! Haha Hermana Richards and I keep talking about how it's like we are a newlywed couple getting our first little home, with all our wedding gifts, etc. It's hilarious. Elder Falls also told me, after we couldn't stop thanking them and were soo excited, to bring my husband back here in 10 years and see if I would STILL be as excited about living here. Hahaha well anyways, it is PERFECT. And it gives me a similar feeling as to how I feel in Bear Lake. We are in a little home (much smaller than Bear Lake), it's all white inside and clean, cozy, away from everything, peaceful... I wake up (we currently have bunkbeds and I am on the top) and every morning wake up to watch the sunrise (sooo beautiful) and I can't fully describe it but I am so happy. I couldn't feel more blessed. It's also the perfect place to live here in Gridley. This place is ALL orchards so it only makes sense to live in one! My last place was suuuuper nice but wasn't the Gridley feel. Wasn't Gridley. Haha so now I feel right at home and it just fits. I can't remember if I told you this already but it's a walnut orchard too and the trees are starting to bloom!! Also, right now ALL of the orchard trees are blooming so they are so pretty!!!! We have tons of trees that look as though they must be apricot trees as well because they look like the ones from "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" .... they look like they grow popcorn haha. In a pretty way. I'll send pictures. But yeah..... so that's an idea for where I am now living!!! Oh, and the address is now 
1498 Kirk Road, Gridley, CA 95948
I LOVE IT!!!!!

But okay, and as for everything else... the IMPORTANT stuff haha... although we were super busy with moving, etc. we still were super busy with lessons and had a successful week. We had MORE we needed to do though so this next week is going to be crazy busy!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT. Our progressing investigators are all still progressing soo much too and we are so excited to see what happens in these next couple of weeks. Also, BIG NEWS!! Dalia AND Elvira both came to church for the first time yesterday!!! They BOTH came and it was amazing!! They came to Relief Society even and we were celebrating the anniversary of Relief Society so we had mexican food, etc. and everyone was greeting them, eating together, etc. it was PERFECT. And they both figured out it was each of their first time so they kinda stuck together and were sooo darling!!! We want them to both be baptized on the same day and now I can truly see it happening!! They are soooo cute!! And we all sat together during Sacrament meeting, including Hermana Ceja and Yamara, and it was so perfect. Hermana Richards spoke too so it was even better and they both loved it!!!!! Also, came to find out that Elvira is 75!! She asked me how old I thought she was at FHE (she came!!) and I said 57... she really looks SO good and is beautiful... and she is 75!!! Or turning 75. CRAZY!!! You would NEVER know it. But I have no idea how old Dalia is but she is soooo precious too. I love these ladies!!!!

Also, we found a new GOLDEN investigator!! Through TRACTING!!! We have been having the best luck with tracting!!!!! It is NOT a waste of time! We found dweet Dalia through tracting and she is one of our most progressing investigators!! And then we found ANY!! Her name is Annie in English but Any in Spanish. I know... Any is an actual English word but just think of Any. Hope it doesn't get confusing. But we went tracting through an apartment complex (which is where we found Dalia too) and we knocked on this door. A darling lady (younger) came to the door and after I introduced us she immediately had us come in and sit down. She didn't know anything about the church but wanted to listen to us. Well, right off the bat I knew something was different. She was different, there was a different spirit and feeling about her and I could feel it in the house. Different in a WONDERFUL way and the feeling I felt in her house was sooo good. It was very peaceful and warm. Well, we got to know her a little bit, she is a single mother with a 9 year old daughter, Maria, and they came from Mexico only 2 years ago. She grew up not learning about Christ or any specific religion and she wants to learn!!! We asked her how much time she had for us too and she said as much as we needed.. she was fully ready to learn and hear our messages. So, we were super excited and taught the Restoration. It went more than perfect and she had all the right questions, etc. It was the best!!! After teaching about the Book of Mormon she also even said, "How can I get one of these books?? I want to read from it." And we excitedly, gave her her very own copy!!! THE BEST. Her daughter also joined us for the entire lesson and was soo quiet, attentive and cute!! It was the best!!! We even invited her to be baptized and she said YESSS!!! She nodded like crazy and was soo happy. Of course, we will be teaching her much more and will continue to invite her, hopefully set a date next lesson but it was PERFECT. And on top of that, as we were leaving we asked her if there was ANYTHING we could do for her, service, cleaning, etc. and she said.... well, I would like it if someone could help me translate my daughter's homework. She doesn't know any English and wants to be able to help her daughter but can't... so we said we'd love to help her translate and even learn English!!! And she said we can come over as much as we wanted so we are going to have DAILY CONTACT. Even if it's a short visit. We told her this and she was so happy about it!!! Amazing. MIRACLE right??? Well anyways, more to come about Any but we are sooo excited about her. So many things are happening here in Griddles!!!!! I AM THE HAPPIEST MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!

Also, I don't know if I ever told you but Marcella is pregnant.... she was pregnant when she got baptized, don't worry it happened before we started teaching her, etc. and we got it all approved from the Zone Leaders, etc. but so she has been pregnant, the cutest pregnant girl, and is due July 24th!!! (only cool for us Utahn's haha) and she just found out she is having a little BOY!!!!!! Estrella was sad at first but now she is excited haha. And Oscar (the father) is being awesome so we're happy..... we're now just trying to get them MARRIED!!!! Which is being talked about. And we need him BAPTIZED!!! More to come on that later. Then, Yamara is as cute as ever. She is honestly one of my best friends and her and Brother Orme are already planning out their road trip to Utah when Hermana Piggott and I are both home from our missions... Antonio & Lorenza said they are fine with it as long as she stays with one of us. Haha it will be so fun!!!!! And then Jesus is still the cutest little guy. 16 and just growing up!!!! He also was able to go to the TEMPLE for his first time last weekend and he did baptisms for the dead!!!! SO AWESOME and he absolutely LOVED IT. He said it was such a special experience, opportunity and he cannot wait to go again. Also, he told me he KNOWS he is serving a mission. I cannot wait to see that boy be a missionary serve himself!!! He will be incredible!!!!

Okay, well I have to go. We're going on a hike with our Zone!!! It's called Bald Rock?? We don't know exactly what or where it is but we're excited. The weather is PERFECT too so it is going to be so much fun!!! I am excited. My zone is crazy too but I love them all. Okay, well I am going to come back and see if I have any emails after we get back!!! So still send me something!! I'll hurry and come get them once we're back. Okay, love you all soooo much!!!!!!


Con mucho amor,

Hermana Barth

hello, hello!

Hello my lovely family!!

So before anything else.... Guess who's Birthday it is TOMORROW!?!? MY DEAREST RALPHY'S!!!!! Or Abby's dearest Ralphy.... haha but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RALPHONZO!!!!! I can't believe you are all in Southern California to celebrate. Wish you were up North with MEEE!!! But that is SO fun. I feel so lucky that I was able to spend the last 2 years in Laguna with you for your Birthday. Haha I was just thinking back on those two trips actually. And last years with you two, Abigail & Ralph and then me & Cass (Sister Clegg) haha soo fun!! Don't have TOO much fun this year without me ya hear!? Wow. Crazy to also think that last year when we were at Disneyland, my mission call was MADE. Dad called me telling me that the mission department had assigned my call. And then I opened up my call only a couple weeks later!!!! It's coming up! It is almost a YEAR since I received my mission call. Can you even believe it!? It truly feels like it was yesterday. Wow. So crazy. And the fact that I am now on my mission.... I could not be happier. But again, Happy Happy Birthday RDG!!!! I love you so!! And your WIFE better spoil you rotten!! Okay, it's Miss Abigail we're talking about here. I know she will. So fun!! Give everyone a big hug and kiss for me!! Including the little darlings. Aliya has braces!? What!?! SO OLD. But please tell everyone hello and embrace Laguna for me!! Including the smell of the Steven's home... haha still my FAVORITE. 

Speaking of homes, we are still unsure where we are moving yet. The mission office/President Weston haven't found us a place yet. Haha we saw President a couple of days ago too, he lwas in Gridley for an MCL meeting and it got brought up.. He said, "So we have a VERY nice tent and barbecue for you, will that be okay??" Hahaha love him. We said, "We'll take it!!" Haha but so we will see. And funny story, the Lincoln Hermanas (Hermana PIGGOTT and Hermana Lee) found out they had to leave the home they're in the same week we found out we had to here, so we're both moving out!! However, they are moving into an old Elders apartment. Anyways.. I'll make sure to keep you updated on that!!

Then okay, let's see... everything is going wonderful here!!!! Last week we taught the most lessons I have so far on my mission!!! It was great!! We met our high goal for member-present lessons as well which was a huge success. President wants us to have members at EVERY lesson we teach, even if it means calling 20 people to make it happen. So even though our Spanish branch is small, we're trying our best and it's really getting better!! Also, Brother Stutzengger, who was just released from the Stake Presidency and has been called to be a mission President in Mexico City (woot woot!!), spoke to our branch yesterday and spoke all on how members need to WANT to do missionary work, help out the full-time missionaries and really help hasten the work of The Lord... to make these happen. We are told all of the time that members need to be more involved, but if they don't have the desire to do so... they won't. So anyways, this man is AWESOME and full of soo much energy, enthusiasm, happiness and spirituality that he really got to our congregation and after the meeting was over, I had a few Hermana's come up to me and apologize for the times they haven't been able to come with us and they said they really do want to help out. So it was great! That man is going to be one incredible mission president! I am super excited for all of his upcoming missionaries. I got to talk to him for awhile after Sacrament Meeting too and we were just pumping each other up. Hahaha literally. He was getting SO excited talking to me, since I spent 6 weeks in Mexico City and then he is just the nicest and again, has such a fire and enthusiasm about him so it was way fun. Also, did you know the Mexico City Temple closed in January and will be under construction or remodel for 18 months!?! I feel sooo lucky that I was able to go and do 3 sessions at that temple when I was there!!! The missionaries now in the CCM don't get to go and not only that.. But they will never leave the campus grounds besides going to and from the airport!! So yeah, I feel so blessed I was able to have those experiences!!! And being there over Mexico Independence Day. AMAZING. Haha I hit that CCM at the PERFECT time. I loved my CCM experience more than I can express!!!!! Some of the best memories I have. But anyways... Next subject.

Along with our amazing, busy week of teaching... We still have so many golden people progressing right now!! Lorenza... right now she says what is holding her up from being baptized is the temples??? All she understood was that those who aren't baptized or members can't go in... Yamara brought it up in regards to her future wedding... so we are going to teach her more about them. Also, she doesn't fully understand the requirements and thinks we have to be so perfect and righteous to enter in... Which if that were the case, nobody would enter in besides The Lord. Of course there are high standards and you have to be WORTHY... But there's a difference between being worthy and "perfect". So anyways.. We have more to straighten out with her. I think right now she doesn't feel like she is "good enough" to be a member of this church. But her testimony keeps growing so much and I know she will be baptized before this transfer ends!! Unfortunately, our goal for the 15th may not be happening... But she will be baptized soon!! I know it!! ....Then we have darling Dalia, who we found through tracting (woot woot) and she is progressing rapidly. She will be baptized soon. And she is so precious! Also, her and Hermana Ceja are old friends (from work) and so it's great!! At lessons they are always loving each other's company....The Castañeda family is still progressing a ton!! They really started off knowing barely ANYTHING. The kids were unfamiliar with the word Savior, even. But now they are growing, progressing and learning a ton!! It's amazing. I love this family soo much and cannot wait till we see them in all white!!!! Haha they are the best and sooo so cute. I wish you could meet them all. I'll send pictures soon though. I promise. Sorry I have been slacking. I actually haven't been able to really take many pictures because my camera is STILL broken. I'm sending it home this week Mama. Hopefully we can get it figured out. I need to capture more in Gridley!!!! ....Then we have Elvira, she was a referral (referral - AMAZING!!!) from Hermana Lopez and anyways... She is soo so darling as well and always reads soo much before each lesson! She'll read beyond the chapters we even assign her, it's amazing. I know she will be baptized soon. Also, something amazing about her is in her prayers with us she ALWAYS asks a lot about the Book of Mormon, our lessons, Joseph Smith, baptism... etc. Everything we want our investigators to pray about.. She does! With us even. Which increases the chance of her asking about the same things on her own. She is so good at really expressing her feelings, thoughts, desires and questions with our Heavenly Father. She truly has conversations with Him. I love it. And she has such a sincere desire & real intent to know so that's when the answers really come!!  I am so excited for her. Dalia and Elvira are probably both in their 60's so it has been fun to teach these darling ladies. Also, their husbands will not be an issue!! We made sure of that right away. My heart is still breaking for Raquel who is SO ready to be baptized and wanting to be so badly but her stubborn husband is being a machista. Keep praying for her. As well as all of these wonderful people. And our other wonderful investigators who are Angel, Esgar (Yamara's brother), Gabriel, Margarito, Carolina, Petra, Rosa & Maggie, the Margallane family (they were giving their baby a bath in the sink last time we were there.... so adorable)... etc. More to come on these people later!!!!!! And we have a TON of potentials right now but I am not going to list them all haha. 

Everything is truly going amazing here in Gridley though!!! I am still so so happy and loving every single minute I have as a full-time missionary. Dad, in your email today you mentioned that although I never mention it, I probably am still facing hard & tough times/days, frustrations, disappointment, etc... Of course. I could never and would never say a mission is EASY. Because it's not. It is A LOT of work and can be very hard/tiring physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. I don't think I have ever been harder on myself or felt more exhausted in almost every way. But you then told me, dad, to always stay happy and let the hard times roll off my back. I promise I am doing just that. Which changes everything. Although times can be hard, and we face challenges almost every single day..... I can SINCERELY say, I have never been happier and I am always as positive as I can possibly be. I will never ever let the hard times get to me. I will keep working my hardest and let the "hard times roll off my back." I promise. Something that I have really found myself doing and working on since day one on my mission, is always ALWAYS being positive, making the BEST out of every situation and keeping a SMILE on my face. It's crazy how much that changes things. And there is ALWAYS something positive to focus on and smile about. ALWAYS. It's amazing. 

So first off, when I said I have never been harder on myself... I mean it in the way that being a full-time missionary I really set a high standard/bar and set very high goals/expectations for myself. It is really hard to sometimes feel like I am doing GOOD ENOUGH. That I AM good enough. Good enough to be a servant of our LORD & God... good enough to teach our Father in Heaven's precious children. It's sometimes hard to feel like I am having as much success as I should be, doing everything exactly how I should be, being as perfectly obedient as I should be, learning and speaking Spanish as good as I should be, helping my investigators, less-actives, members and companion as much as I should be. So as you can see... There are things that COULD get me down. And I can't say that I never feel those ways.. Because I am a HUMAN BEING. I am not perfect (far from it actually) ... I make mistakes, have many weaknesses, shortcomings, etc.........

This now reminds me of something we read in the Book of Mormon where a similar thing is exemplified with one of my favorite Prophets and heroes, Nephi. In 2 Nephi 4, Nephi laments and is sorrowful over his sins, iniquities, hardships, temptations, afflictions, etc. He was hard on himself JUST LIKE WE CAN BE HARD ON OURSELVES. However, although he felt discouraged because of his imperfections, he was immediately able to recognize all of the times The Lord has intervened in his life. He remembered that the Lord had been his support and led him through his afflictions and he clearly expresses the confidence he has in the Lord's love, "He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh" (verse 21), in the plan and trusts the Savior with everything. He trusts the Savior to help him, guide him, forgive him and take him to His Kingdom. He is able to remain POSITIVE and look unto Christ. He is able to recognize the good and REJOICE. He says, "Rejoice, O my heart" ...... "Do no slacken strength because of mine afflictions" ..... "Rejoice, O my heart, and cry unto The Lord, and say: O Lord, I will praise thee forever; yea, my soul will rejoice in thee, my God, and the ROCK of my Salvation." He makes it clear that the person who MAKES us feel disappointment in ourselves, like we're not good enough, etc. is the enemy (Satan) and he follows to say, "O Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of the flesh; for I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of the flesh" .... "Yea, I will cry unto thee, my God, the ROCK of my righteousness. Behold, my voice shall forever ascend up unto thee, my rock and mine everlasting God. Amen." 

Something that Jeff Brazell shared with me, (he's in the H25 Bishopric and emails me every week!!) was this that goes along with Nephi's experience....

Stephen Robinson, in Believing Christ, comments, “Nephi was saying, ‘No, I'm not perfect. Yes, my faults bother me, and yes, I wish I did a better job. Nevertheless, I have faith in Jesus Christ, I trust him. He says he can get me into his kingdom despite my imperfections, and I believe him. I know he loves me, and I trust him to continue saving me from all my enemies.’  Unfortunately, unlike Nephi, many of us just don't trust the Savior. We believe in him, but we don't trust him. We get so frightened and intimidated, so horrified, by our own imperfections that we don't see how he can possibly save us from them, and we lose faith. But if these great prophets had a healthy sense of their own sins and shortcomings, and yet could still confidently maintain that they had a place in the kingdom of God, should we not learn from their examples of trust and confidence—their examples of faith?”

Therefore, we must remember to ALWAYS keep faith just as these Prophets of old did. We must follow their example and remember to always trust The Lord and make him our ROCK. We have actually shared the famous and ever so loved scripture about this a lot this past week.

Helaman 5:12

"And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."

When we make the LORD, our SAVIOR and REDEEMER our ROCK, our FOUNDATION... No matter what comes our way, no matter what trials we face, temptations we feel, hardships we go through, no matter how hard Satan (the jerk) tries to make us feel unworthy, not good enough, like we're pathetic, weak, etc. WE WILL NOT FALL. The Lord WILL NOT FORSAKE US. He is ALWAYS there for us. He needs to be the ROCK of our lives. It is amazing to me to see how many people do not make Christ their ROCK and their FOUNDATION. And if Christ is not their foundation... Who is?? What is? Is their foundation made upon the things of the world?? If so, I have a testimony that they will not receive true happiness. The mighty winds will come into everyone's life. As will the hail and shafts in the whirlwind. So if we do not build our foundation on the Savior, I have a firm belief that we will not be able to find true happiness and only discover misery, etc. We must build our foundation on the SAVIOR... not the things of this world, things that are not SOLID.

He doesn't expect us to be perfect. We can become perfected THROUGH Him but it is something we have to work at every single day. So with that being said, I am trying my hardest to always be positive, always turn to The Lord, remember His goodness, His mercy and simply REJOICE because of it. It is SO EASY to be filled with pure happiness when we do these things. And SMILE ABOUT IT. 

That is something else I want to briefly talk about. Smiling. Hahaha I know I am sounding cheesy but I have really thought a lot about smiling in general this last little while. Something I never really thought much about. But ever since I have been here, I have come to realize how much people notice those who SMILE. And along with that, how people are always watching us missionaries and member of the church in general. Are we aware of the expressions on our face?? And are we are of the impact that it makes on people??? The reason I bring this up... Is because I think it is SO important to always keep a smile on your face! No matter what you are feeling, facing, going through, etc. A smile can automatically help you think better, more positively and truly uplift your spirit. Also, again, your smile can really make an impact on others. I have actually had multiple people, comment or make remarks on my smiling. The Orme's, Jorge, the Lopez's, Hermana Ceja, Antonio & Lorenza, Agustin (he even gave me a shout out in his testimony last Sunday as the Hermana who always has a smile on her face..... haha) and other investigators, etc. always joke to me about it because they say I seem to always be happy. Because I am always smiling. Haha and the reason I have a smile on my face a lot is truly because I AM so HAPPY. And the reason I am so happy is because I am trying my very best every single day to build my foundation on the Savior, serve our Father's children and do all I can to live with my Father in Heaven again someday. But the reason I bring this up is because I never realized how much people actually notice. And it made me take a step back and realize how important it is FOR me to always have a smile on my face. So now now I notice others who always smile and whenever I realize I am NOT smiling, I try to change it. I am a representative of my SAVIOR. Shouldn't I always have a smile on my face?? Because I can promise you...... I find myself with other expressions on my face much more than I would like as well. And in all honesty, I know I could smile A LOT more. But when people look at us.. What do they see?? Someone smiling because they have the Savior and gospel in their life?? Someone stressed, angry, troubled?? Hahaha that reminds me of the primary song.....

"When you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay, quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away. No one likes a frowns face, change it for a smile, make the world a better place by smiling all the while."

So remember to smile. It's simple. 

Well, I have to go!!! I started this earlier and then stopped and JUST GOT HOME and have dinner with all the missionaries and then have a branch FHE at the Orme's!!!! ADIOS MY LOVES!!!!!!! Sorry for the most confusing/all over the place email. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Con amor, 

Hermana Barth

Monday, March 3, 2014

This is the best life!

¡Mi maravillosa y hermosa familia y amigos!

Estoy muy feliz en este momento por muchas razones! No sé por dónde
empezar ..... tengo tanto en mi mente y muchas cosas que quiero decir!
Esta semana ha sido increíble y estamos viendo mucho éxito y muchos
milagros. El Señor está apresurando su obra aquí en Gridley,
California! ¡Y yo no podría estar más feliz de ser parte de su obra!
No hay nada que preferiría estar haciendo en este momento de servir a
mi Salvador, JesuCristo y los hijos de nuestro Padre Celestial. ¡Yo
nunca quiero que termine! ¡Me encanta esta experiencia con todo de mi
corazón! Les deseo a todos que usted podría experimentar conmigo por
lo que podría saber por qué me siento como lo hago yo. Sé que los que
sirven o han servido en misiones entiendo, pero realmente es la mejor
experiencia en el mundo.

Have Ralphy translate that or something. Haha actually, you probably
all can understand it. I'm getting convinced that everyone in this
world now understands Spanish. A big majority of English people here
know a good amount of Spanish because there are so many Hispanics
around and so when I am with any English speaker now, I somewhat
naturally expect them to understand it. Especially now that I do. Haha
so when they have no idea what was said in Spanish, I am taken off
guard and taken back to when I knew absolutely nothing myself. Haha
but I still do feel like Spanish has many similarities to English and
you can kinda guess what a lot of words are from just looking at them.
Also, those who speak Portuguese (Michael, Brad & Scotty) understand
Spanish so I feel like when I get home I am not going to have a
secretive language to speak. Everyone will understand me!!!! Haha I
don't know why I am rambling about this. On to my letter!!!! Haha

Hello my loves!!!!

So before anything else, right now I am SO unbelievably happy it's
ridiculous. I am happy for soooo many reasons too but here's a little
list for you......

1. It's RAINING... HARD outside and everything looks so fresh, green
and pretty. Also, the trees in the orchards are really blossoming so I
feel like I am in the most beautiful place. I love it.

2. I AM NOT TRANSFERRED. This is a HUGE reason why I am so happy and
excited as well. Last night we had transfer calls and I was sooo
nervous. We aren't getting any new Hermanas and President just
switched us all up but still.. I was shaking in my boots a little.
Hermana Richards and I have SUCH big plans for this upcoming transfer
so I could not leave!! We have soo many wonderful people we're
teaching, working with and preparing for baptism. I simply have not
finished my work here and am not ready to leave my home, the place I
now love and hold so dear to my heart... Filled with the people I now
love soo very much and hold so close to my heart. Haha last night we
had just finished a lesson with Lorenza when the transfer call came
too and we decided to listen to it with Yamara and Lorenza. I couldn't
wait any longer. Haha I was so scared and I grabbed Lorenza's hand
when we were listening. She held my hand with both of hers and we
squeezed each other's hands tightly. She was getting just as nervous
as I was. Well, I then did not hear my name and am STAYING HERE!!!!
Hahaha we were all soooo excited and it was an amazing moment. I love
Yamara & Lorenza more than I can express too. They are my sweeties.

3. Speaking of Lorenza, we are baptizing her March 15th!!!! She hasn't
FULLY committed to it yet, but she hasn't opposed!!! So at Zone
Conference President Weston challenged us all to have a solid baptism
set for March 15th. Well... after much fasting, praying and
pondering... Hermana Richards and I came to the conclusion the other
day that our sweet Lorenza WILL be baptized March 15th. We informed
Yamara of this as well and last night we talked to LorenA about it.
She was a little hesitant thinking it may be too fast... But in
Yamara's prayer she prayed about having her mom prepared to be
baptized on the 15th of March and afterwards Lorenza didn't oppose.
Nothing is set in STONE yet so I am not going to go on and on about my
excitement YET.... hahaha I'll save that for another email. But as of
now, it's happening. I have the FAITH. And with firm FAITH we can
witness MIRACLES. I know this to be true!!!!!!! Haha I really have to
not get into my excitement too much right now of Lorenza's progression
or else I will take up the rest of my emailing time talking about it.
More to come more to come... Just know I have the biggest smile on my
face right now and am screaming inside. Hahaha

4. This past week was THE busiest week I have had on my mission thus
far. We were running around like maniacs!!! We were literally BOOKED
every single day and some days didn't even have time to eat
lunch/dinner!!!! IT WAS THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! I am BY FAR
the happiest person in the world when we are running around, teaching
person after person and just soo busy. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER. So
with that being said, I feel ohh so very blessed right now. The work
is on FIRE here in Gridley and we are finding soo many prepared &
wonderful people to teach. I am beyond thrilled!!!!!!! Our goal is to
have 9 baptisms this month as well. Or at least this transfer for
solid people we could have on date. Again, I don't want to get too
ahead of myself but I am super excited and have a LOT of faith in
these people, in the Savior and in His work.

"And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power
to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." Moroni 7:33

Also, I am learning more and more on my mission to 
 No matter what. So that's exactly what we're doing!! And
they are all very possible. With faith, diligence, obedience and
confidence... I know we can accomplish anything.

"Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not. Fear not." D&C 6:36

5. Also, it has been raining lots here and the other day we were out
walking.... On Thursdays it's car fast Thursday so we have to walk. We
personally LOVE it. But anyways, while walking we came across a
gigantic, beautiful orchard and the ground underneath the trees were
covered in these little yellow flowers, mustard flowers or something??
Well anyways. It was GORGEOUS so we decided to take a picture. Haha
well... We started walking a little farther into the trees and BOOM.
Pure MUD. My little, favorite black flats got STUCK and as soon as I
took my feet out of the shoes, BOOM. Both of my feet were full fledge
down in the mud. The mud was up to my lower calves and hahaha
anyways..... We had to rinse off our feet and shoes nearby and then
went on our way. It was an unexpected adventure but made for some
great laughs and memories. Hahaha we were rushing around walking that
day too so we were laughing so hard at ourselves as we were trying to
clean up and look present for our next lesson, etc. SO much fun.

6. Yesterday we had a mission fast. To be able to double baptisms and
meet our yearly goal. President REALLY raised the bar. But as was said
by Elder Perry in a talk from 2007 (I have been reading lots of old
Conference talks before I go to sleep... It's the BEST!!) ... "Be
careful that you easily clear the minimum standards for service as a
missionary and that you are continually raising the bar." He also
later states,"If you don't raise the bar, how will you ever know your
potential??" I LOVE that and feel as though it is a great question to
ask ourselves in every aspect of our lives, at any time of our lives.
If we don't set HIGH EXPECTATIONS and don't continually raise the bar,
our own bar... If we don't continually try to be better and become
more perfected.. More like our Savior... How will we EVER know our
potential???? And we all are aware, or I hope we are all aware, that
we all do have marvelous potential in this life and in the life to
come. God has such a beautiful vision for us. For where he wants us to
go and who he wants us to become. So we must have faith in that, trust
in Him, set our standards, goals, expectations and hopes HIGH... So
that we can at least know we are working towards reaching our
potential. Becoming perfected through our Redeemer, Jesus Christ and
helping others do so as well. 

We are all God's children. 
We are sons & daughters of a KING. We are ROYALTY. 

And with recognizing that,
recognizing how special and important each and everyone of us are, we
come to the knowledge that we MUST have greatness & glory truly in
store for each of us. So we must never lower our expectations. Ever!!
Who wants to remain in the same place???? I know I don't. I love
learning, growing and changing each day. I want to reach my potential.
And I want to help others reach theirs. That's why I am here. That's
why I am a missionary and full-time representative of my Lord. My God.
So our fasting was very wonderful and I am so excited to see the
miracles that are coming our way. If God could give us rain from our
fasting, he most definitely can help his children be baptized and grow
closer to Him. Help them move farther along to reaching their full

7. Along with yesterday being fast Sunday, we had testimony meeting
during Sacrament Meeting of course. Well, it was a VERY spiritual
meeting... To say in the least... And I had to go up there and share
my testimony. It was simple, yet profound. To me at least. The second
I got to the stand I was completely overwhelmed with the spirit and I
could barely speak. But as soon as I started speaking and sharing my
thoughts and testimony... The words have never flowed more nicely. I
never once thought about the language or how to say this or that. I
just shared exactly what came into my heart and it was amazing. For
ME. When I sat down Hermana Richards said my Español was spot on too,
no mistakes.. Which was a MIRACLE. Gave me a little confidence boost
which is always nice. Especially coming from her because he Spanish is
AMAZING and she gets complimented on it all the time. It's humbling
for me but I have been progressing and learning soooo much. So I am
quite content haha. And with my testimony, I don't even say it was
profound for others to hear or amazing for anyone else but me... But
it was an experience I will never forget. I even felt as though I was
bearing my testimony to myself. I, personally, needed to hear those
words, at that time, come out of my mouth. It strengthened my
testimony soo much sharing it and wow, I will again, never forget
that. The spirit was BEAMING inside of me. It was an amazing, amazing
ordeal. Also, it was extremely quiet during that entire meeting (which
is very rare) and the spirit was able to truly be present. Many tears
were being shed throughout our little congregation as well and I know
so many hearts were touched and changed. The spirit is ohh so real.
And oh so beautiful. And what made my heart even warmer was once I sat
down, Jesús leaned over to me and said, "Hermana Barth... what you
said... touched my heart." Ohhhh I wish you could all meet my little
Jeswoooos. He's becoming such a little stud. So proud of him!!!! Haha
also, funny fact. The Elders wanted to get him to play basketball one
Saturday morning and to get him there they tricked him and told him it
was SEMINARY!!!! He fell for it and since he said he will do "anything
for this church and for God" he went. Because he thought it was
seminary!!! Haha for many 16 years old it would be the other way
around.... I love it. I cannot wait for that boy to be a missionary
one day. Mom, like you said... We will FOR SURE come back for his
farewell when he goes. I cannot wait!!!!

8. So another update. Funny/crazy one. So we found out the other
morning we're getting booted out of our house!! Haha the members we
live with are kicking us out!! Okay, not exactly. (Hermana Piggott
hahahaha) but Jeff's son, his girlfriend and their baby (with one on
the way) are coming to live here and we can't live in the same house
as unmarried couples soo we're getting the boot. ASAP. Mid-transfer
actually. We have noo idea where we're going but it will be an
adventure!! The Hamblin's are dying because they want us to move in
soo badly too but they have already done their time with hosting
missionaries so I don't know if that will be possible. We would have
quite the time living with the Hamby's let me tell you. Hahaha they
are the ones obsessed with the missionaries and once they love YOU
they "adopt" you into their fam. Hahaha more stories to come in the
future about them but the day Hermana Piggott and I got adopted, was a
good one. No words. Hahahaha I love them tons though. And they already
talk about coming to my wedding someday far off in the future, you'll
meet them. Haha but so more updates to come with that!!

9. We went over to a member Pedro's house the other day with Yamara
(she's his niece) to do service for his non-member wife, Carolina, who
we are teaching... And we ended up teaching their son's friend..
Tanveer. He's Muslim. It was an awesome lesson and he loved what we
taught him. Said it was all so spiritual yet very "logical" as well.
It was awesome. We are now referring him to the English missionaries.
But anyways... Funny side note to this experience. Miguel, Pedro &
Carolina's son, was sooo drunk and he joined us for the lesson as
well. Now I can say I have fully taught a drunk man. It was the
craziest yet most HILARIOUS thing. It was hard too because Tan was
very serious about it all and then we would have MIGUEL chime in with
his obnoxious, made nonsense whatsoever, comments haha. I got to the
point where I had to fully ignore his questions and remarks but it was
CLASSIC. Hahaha we'll never forget it and I have written down some of
the classic lines he has said. He world act so serious and as if he
literally thought his comments made sense. Ohh another reason why
drinking is scary. Makes you look like a complete fool and you have
idea about it. And the FACT that his name is Miguel. Haha kills me
even more. Drunk Miguel. TOO FUNNY. We can't not talk about that night
without laughing our heads off. These experiences are priceless. We
had dinner at their house last night though and I took him as serious
as I could. He was a little better haha. But he is seeming to have
more real, sincere, sober interest in learning more!! ¡VAMOS A VER!

Okay, well I have to go now!! Time is up and the Sisters are coming
over to watch the Joseph Smith movie with us!!!! Raining outside,
watching the Joseph Smith movie, (I think it has places in my top 5
Elder Haller!!) ... 


It is too good. I sincerely could not be happier!!!!!!!!!! Okay, have a wonderful day my loved ones.

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Barth