Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hello my beautiful family!

      Another wonderful week has gone by and I am amazed at all of the
miracles I have witnessed in such a short amount of time. Heavenly
Father is pouring out blessings in my life and I truly am so humbled &
grateful. I am so happy. Every single day I wake up and am so so
happy. Life truly is incredible and especially once we've come to
recognize our true identity, that being an infinitely loved child of
God ... our divine potential as one of His precious children and our
purpose here on the earth. With the realization & recognition of these
things, there is no room for unhappiness. We are so so blessed and
must be overly happy because of it!!
      1. I had one of the most incredible experiences . We
had exchanges with the Gridley Hermanas (Hermana Briggs & Hermana
Harper ... I got to spend the day here with Hermana Harper and she is
the cutest 19 year old. She really could not be more adorable however
all of the sudden I felt really old when I was with her ... I will be
22 in a month! Ahh!!)  and as we were exchanging back,
Hermana Briggs told me how Any was wanting to go to the temple to do
baptisms. Although this was super late notice (Any had
messaged me on Facebook but I never use my mission Facebook - woops),
there was no way I was going to miss out on going with her. So, I
immediately tried to contact President Marston and since he had
preciously told me we were allowed to go to the temple with recent
converts or less-actives we consistently taught and that he wanted to
see missionaries in the temple more, I started making plans to go
before hearing back from him. So, I set it all up with Hermana Pratt
from Gridley, contacted Any - worked it all out with her, made sure
everything was good with Hermana Richards coming as well ... and then
I didn't hear back from President Marston till the day we were going
haha but since I had previously prepared, when he instantly gave me
permission, we were already ready to go!! I have learned that
sometimes I have to pay attention to the gift of discernment. I knew
he would give me permission and I had to act immediately to make
things happen so anyways, all is well. I got to go to the beautiful
temple with Any & Maria!! Also, I got to go with one of my favorite
people on the earth, Hermana Richards and then Hermana Piggott &
Hermana Lee were able to join us as well!! Three of my best friends!
It was amazing! And then to be there with our little darling golden
converts!! Hermana Richards & I were on cloud 9! We had been dreaming
of this day ever since the first day we met them and knew they were
Heaven sent. We all walked around the temple as well, feeling the
peace, serenity and sacredness of the grounds we were walking on and
then Hermana Richards & I took Any in. Hermana Piggott & Hermana Lee
stayed outside with Maria. But wow. We then were able to see Any do 10
confirmations (she ended up just doing confirmations) and it was a
very special, sacred & beautiful experience. Seeing her in all white
again and in the house of The Lord ... my heart was so full. The
spirit touched me more than I can say and we all rejoiced together
afterwards with the knowledge that our dear Any helped 10 precious
saints in the Spirit World receive the confirmation & gift of the Holy
Ghost we assume they have been anxiously awaiting for. It was oh, so
wonderful. Also, something very cool was as we were about to do the
confirmations, a man all of the sudden asked if she knew any English
and when he realized not really, he said he knew there was a reason he
needed to go to the temple to work that day and said how he had served
his mission in Ecuador so he could do them in Spanish! It was a
miracle! Also, his wife had never heard him do an ordinance in Spanish
so she joined us as well and they were both very happy. All of us
were. It was amazing. Then us three had the opportunity to talk a
little more while inside as well, after the ordinances were performed
and that was very special. Hermana Richards & I explained a little bit
more about the significance behind everything and about how one day
she will be able to return to the temple to make more sacred covenants
with our Heavenly Father for herself. Any had tears in her eyes as we
discussed everything and she kept telling us how much peace and
happiness she felt inside of her. It was a glorious, glorious day and
one, I know, not any of us will ever forget. I cannot imagine anything
more rewarding. And it has all happened because Hermana Richards & I
were led to knock on her door one Spring day.
      2. Speaking of the world "glorious." On our way home from
Gridley after driving back from the temple with everyone else, Hermana
Piggott & I turned on the song "glorious" from Russ Dixon. It's a
youth EFY song from LDS.org that we love and it was also sung by David
Archuletta in the movie, "Meet the Mormons." Well, I happened to have
many emotions built up inside of me at that moment and tears began to
flow from my eyes as we listened to the lyrics and I pondered over
many many things. We were driving with the fields of Northern
California on both sides of us, the sun was near Sunset ... I was with
my best friend & companion Hermana Piggott, I had just seen my convert
perform proxy ordinances in the Holy Temple, I reflected on many
different memories & experiences I have had on my mission thus far,
the people I have taught & grown to love so much, the person I have
become in the process of it all and I couldn't help but feel overcome
with emotion, gratitude, happiness and love. I could feel my Heavenly
Father's love for me so so much and I recognized more than ever before
how much my mission means to me. How much the gospel means to me. How
much my Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ mean to me. How much
all of these things combined have completely changed my life and
changed ME. I will forever be grateful for this beautiful experience I
am having and I know I will never be the same because of it. My
mission has become so so tender to me and with that, I am appreciating
it more than ever before and truly trying to soak in every teeny tiny
moment. It is incredible.

"It's like a symphony. Just keep listening. Then pretty soon you'll
start ... to figure out your part. Everyone plays a piece. And they're
all melodies. And each one of us ... ohh ooh, it's glorious. You will
know how. To let it ring out. As you discover, who you are. Others
around you, will start to wake up. To the sounds that are in their
heart. It's so amazing ... what we're all, creating."

      3. The Campos family!! Ohh I love them so so so much. I had a
couple of incredible lessons with Lorena & the boys this past week and
then we finally met Alfredo! But before that. Something else amazing
happened. We stopped by Lorena's parents home - Oliva & Roberto's -
and as soon as we got there, Oliva had us sit down and then Roberto,
Adriana (Lorena's sister) and her friend Puerto Rico (she's from
Puerto Rico and we can never remember her first name so that's what we
call her for now!) came and joined us as well. This was a surprise but
we were jumping for joy inside and a Puerto Rico told us how just the
day before she had been reading about Joseph Smith & our church! But
in a positive way. She then started pretty much explaining to us the
entire Restoration and then since Adriana had never heard it before
and she hadn't formally ... and Roberto kept telling us to, "Hablan de
José! Hablan de José!" we taught the entire Restoration. And it was
INCREDIBLE!! It truly was one of the most spirit filled lessons u have
ever had and I could feel the spirit working & testifying through me
the entire time. Of course, it's a great relief to not have to worry
about the language while teaching anymore, but the words were flowing
soo so nicely and I was able to share everything that came into my
heart in the way I wanted to. We were following the promptings from
the Spirit from the whole time and it caused my cheeks to get super
roast & heart to beat a little bit faster, which is always a good
sign. Ohh I felt the spirit so strongly and I could tell it touched
each of their hearts as well. Especially when I recited the First
Vision, quoting Joseph Smith's own words of that sacred experience, I
could feel the spirit speaking the words for me and everyone's eyes
were locked on me. Especially Adriana's. When I would make eye contact
with her I could feel her sincerity in listening and could clearly
tell the Spirit was touching her. It was amazing. The spirit was so
strong!! They all loved it so much as well and when we asked each of
them what they thought about Joseph Smith's vision afterwards, they
all said how beautiful & amazing it was, etc. and they ALL said they
feel it is true. Well, it was such a powerful lesson and we ended up
inviting each of them to be baptized as well. Olive & Roberto said yes
readily and then Adriana & her friend said they will be baptized if
after the study the Book of Mormon and keep leaving from us, they feel
a sincere desire to and know it's the will of God. So incredible.
Roberto kept saying how he can feel the peace, light and happiness
that the both of us have as well and how he wants his family to feel
the same. He wants them to feel that same peace the gospel brings in
their own lives. So therefore, he is anxiously & readily wanting to
learn all that he can from us! It's amazing! Oh, and they ALL said a
prayer afterwards!! Each and every one of them. They went around and
each said the most sincere prayers. It was awesome. I was one happy
missionary. I love them!!! Okay and now for yesterday! So after our
lesson they invited us to come over on Sunday to make authentic
Mexican tamales!! Sooo we did just that. We went over to their house
and with Oliva, Roberto, Adriana, Puerto Rico and her dad ... we made
the most incredible tamales and ate about 10 tacos in the process.
Hahaha it was the best!!! It took forever but we had soooo much fun. I
literally felt as though I were in Mexico the entire time as well and
the Puerto Rican dad told us how he felt as if he were back in Puerto
Rico (they have one been in the States for a month!) ... haha it was
so much fun. Hermana Piggott & I, in our skirts and church shoes,
kicked around a soccer ball with them in the back, we helped grill the
care, ate taco after taco after taco, we ate a tortilla with a nice
hot chili pepper inside - my mouth has adjusted far too much too hot
things - I love a nice little tongue & lip burn, seriously though!! We
made tamales outside, just laughed and chatted with our new amazing
Hispanic friends and life was so so so good!!!! Hahaha we are already
so close to them and love them so much! We get along SO well with
Adriana and her friend too and they treat us far too well. They love
us and we love them even more. It's amazing. Hahaha I wish you could
meet them sooo bad!!! Especially Roberto!!! Hahaha I am going to send
some pictures of him. Just picture him saying, "LAS HERMANAS!!!!!!!"
haha and then after he ate a super hot chili pepper we heard from him
these comments while grilling, "pero, wow ... mucho wow, super wow,
bastante wow" ... haha he had tears in his eyes because of the chili
pepper heat and after all of his different "wows" we joked throughout
the night saying one of them. Too good. He is amazing! And then!
Finally Lorena & the boys and ALFREDO arrived!!! Oh my goodness we
were so excited to see them and Alfredo is a million times better than
we even imagined him to be!!! He is by far the most darling Mexican
man we have ever seen!! He is super super handsome and then just the
smiliest, friendliest yet kind shy and just cutest man ever! No wonder
Lorena is so smitten by him! I don't know how she hasn't married him
yet. And he is the cutest dad in the world! Seriously, we're already
obsessed with him and cannot wait to get to know him more!
Unfortunately, we couldn't stay too long once they got there because
of a lesson but we are so happy we finally met him and he is so
darling!! That family is perfection. I just imagine them in all white
first being baptized and then inside the temple being sealed as an
eternal family too and my heart gets far to happy. It will be a dream
come true. And it will happen. I don't think there could be a more
precious family!!!! I love them so much. How have I met the most
incredible people on my mission?? It is so clear Heavenly Father leads
us to the elect & prepared. But so the Campos family is amazing!!!!!!
We love them!!! Updates to come! Also, they have already invited us to
spend time with them over Christmas and want us to go to Mexico with
them to meet the rest of the fam. Haha I love it.
      4. Mercedes is still getting baptized on Saturday!!! We are so
so excited!! Yesterday we had a wonderful lesson with her and she is
so ready & excited. I cannot wait! She is so so cute and I cannot wait
to see her dressed in all white. Ever since I arrived here in Orland
and met her, I knew once she was taught she would be baptized. I knew
I would see her be baptized too. It's crazy, but I knew it. Same thing
happened to me when I met Maria. Amazing. So we have a baptism this
Saturday!!!! It will be a wonderful day!!!!!

      Well, as you can clearly tell. I am still the happiest
missionary in the world and my mission is beyond amazing. It sounds
like everything at home is going wonderful as well and that makes me
super happy. I have been hearing lots about Scotty's beautiful
girlfriend, Joelle and I am getting more & more excited to meet her!
Scotty, it sounds like you are one lucky lucky guy and that Joelle is
Heaven sent. She truly sounds so amazing, darling and wonderful in
every way. I have heard nothing but incredible things about her and
everyone seems to completely adore her. I am so so happy for you
Scooter!! Also, you two make a very handsome looking couple. Joelle is
completely flawless, seriously one of the prettiest girls I have ever
seen ... my companions all ooh and aww over her, haha and you two just
seem so so cute. I am SO happy for you!! Tell her hello from your
little sister!!!! And tell her I already adore her too.

      Also, ELDER HALLER is coming home this week!!!!!!! I can hardly
believe it but I am jealous you all get to see him before me!! Give
him a big hug for me please!! Brazil is about to say goodbye to & miss
the most darling & hard working missionary I know of. I cannot believe
he is about to be in Salt Lake City! So so crazy! Time is flying by
faster than I can handle.

      Okay, well please keep the Campos family in your prayers as well
as Mercedes!! Pray that all goes well with her baptism & that the
Campos family will continue to progress towards making the same
baptismal covenant. We can use all the prayers we can get!


Con amor,

Hermana Barth

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