Monday, August 11, 2014

the three muskateers


Hello beautiful people.

Wow! I do not even know where to begin with this past week. It has
been such a crazy one and one I will never ever forget!!! It has been
WONDERFUL to say the least!!!!! The mission is truly full of surprises
and always throwing me for a loop haha. But so first off.........

1. I had exchanges with Hermana Briggs on Thursday and I was able to
go spend a whole day with her in Gridley!! It was the best day ever!!!
Ohh my goodness it could not have been more amazing. First off, I got
to spend a whole day with Hermana Briggs, I don't know if you all
remember but I served with her in Yuba City and she is the classiest,
most darling Sister in the mission. She was companions with Hermana
Toledo - Rodriguez and anyways... I was so happy I got to serve around
her there and now she is my Sister Training Leader so that's why I got
to go on an exchange with her. The best!! I truly couldn't adore her
more. And then I got to sleep over in the orchard house and spend a
whole day in my tiniest town of Gridley! It was soo much fun. We did
service for Rosa, the best member, taught a former investigator
Hermana Piggott & I taught, visited with and taught Any & Maria!! That
was the absolute best and seeing them both made me sooo happy - they
are the cutest! Then we were able to visit Marcella... apparently she
has been hard to find, her baby is due this week... but we were able
to see her and it was so much fun!! She was super happy and little
Estrellita kept hugging me and latching on to me. I miss them! Then we
had dinner at the Ormes!!! That was soo much fun. I love & miss them
soo much. They're the best! And they kept saying how Hermana Briggs &
I are so similar and would be a "power companionship" haha and we kept
talking about that all day too so it would only get us more determined
to make it happen. We kept saying how it would be far too good if we
were companions and she kept saying her last request to President
Marston would be that we could be companions haha. We just click soo
well and know we'll be the best of friends after the mission and would
have been before the mission too. So anyways, too much fun. Then after
dinner we went and visited the Elizondo's!! Unfortunately since we had
to head back to Chico to exchange back we couldn't stay for too long,
which when I told Yamara that she had tears stream down her face...
broke my heart a little bit.. but it was still soo good to see her,
Lorenza & Antonio. Lorenza even stayed home from her English class
just to see me!!!! Hopefully I will be able to see them again soon. I
love them soo much!!! But anyways.... I had the GREATEST day with
Hermana Briggs and was the happiest missionary. I never wanted the day
to end!!! It was so much fun. We had such a blast together and I just
love her soo much!! Which leads to my next BIG NEWS.......
2. Soo... unfortunately, Hermana Broer, who Hermana Richards trained
in Gridley after I left... and who was Hermana Brigg's new companion..
had some personal affairs and it was decided the next day that it
would be best if she were to go home to get them all worked out. She
is darling and such an awesome missionary but so anyways... while
Hermana Lee & I were doing weekly planning the next day, on Friday, we
got a call from the AP's asking us if we had room for an extra bed in
our apartment.... ??? Well, they didn't give us more information at
the time but it didn't take us long to predict what was happening.
Soon enough, Hermana Briggs called us and informed us that Hermana
Broer was flying home that day!!!! So she brought up how she was going
to need to be put into a trio and how the options were for her to
either go to Lincoln to be with Hermana Piggott & Hermana Melchor or
come to Orland with Hermana Lee & I!!! Well, usually people avoid
trios at all costs haha but Hermana Lee & I have both wanted to be
companions with Hermana Briggs and just the day before Hermana Briggs
& I were talking non-stop about how badly we wished we could be
companions so of course we were set on making the trio happen with
us!!! We wanted her to come join us sooo bad!!!!! Haha we made sure
the AP's were aware of this as well and a couple of hours later, after
Hermana Briggs had met with President Marston, etc. President called
us and told us the news that she would be joining us in Orland!!!!!!!
Haha we were sooo excited!!! So we are now in a TRIO and it us the
BEST trio ever!!!!! Hermana Lee, Hermana Briggs & I .... AMAZING!!!!!
I have wanted to be companions with each of them my entire mission so
I truly could not feel any luckier. I have had the best companions in
the world!!!!! Why am I so lucky!?! Haha and so crazy.. so Friday
night at 8:50 PM, as we were leaving our last appointment, we got
another call from President Marston and he asked if we could leave the
area right then and go pick up Hermana Briggs in Gridley!!! Hahaha we
were supposed to be home at that time and we LEFT our area and had to
drive an hour to go pick her up hahaha. Never did we ever think we
would be out and about at such a late time on our mission!! But
President told us we had his permission and that it was what he wanted
us to do, so we willingly obeyed. It was quite the adventure and we
were thrilled to go pick up our three musketeer!! Haha so fun!!! I
haven't gotten much sleep this past week haha that's for sure.... but
it's all part of the fun!! So again, we are in a trio and I get to now
be companions with Hermana Briggs too!!!! Ahhhh it truly is too good.
These past couple of days we've all had together have been such a
blast and I don't think it would be possible for us to be having more
fun. And on top of that, we've of course gotten so much work done, we
all want to work really hard and we all happen to teach way well
together! Hermana Briggs & Hermana Lee came out at the same time as
well, a transfer before me, so we're all about on the same page and
it's the best!! President kinda gave us a pep talk beforehand haha
telling us how we each need to be more KIND, more LOVING & more
PATIENT because he knows how girls can be and especially in
threesomes, he has daughters... but to be honest we aren't worried
about it at all. So far it has been the best and it feels like I am
serving alongside my best friends. We're the three musketeers!!!! And
we're not only becoming best friends but we're sister missionaries &
representatives of our Savior, Jesus Christ, here to do His work and
preach the gospel to our Heavenly Father's precious children. With
this purpose, things are different. Our friendships & relationships
are different. To me, they are more unique and special. Ah, I love
these girls soo much!!!! Also, for a memory refresher... Hermana
Briggs is from Twin Falls, Idaho.. however she isn't your typical
Idaho girl. She looks more so like a classy, city girl. She is tall,
thin, has long, gorgeous red hair, she's completely stunning, dresses
like a model, is the sweetest person I have ever met, is so down to
earth, and why I say she reminds me of a City girl is because she
lived in NYC for over a year before her mission so she is just the
coolest. I love her sooo much!!! Also, she is going to be applying for
BYU this fall so we are crossing our fingers she gets in so we can
live together. It would be TOO GOOD. I AM TRULY THE HAPPIEST
MISSIONARY ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already can tell this transfer is
going to be one of my absolute favorites. Ooh and my new address is


111 4th Street
Apartment #B
Orland, California


1354 Forbes Drive
Orland, California

3. UPDATES ON THE WORK!!!!! Maria is still on date for August 9th and
she is still soooo excited to be baptized!! Ahh, she is sooo cute and
progressing more & more each day. The other day her mom, Ana, sat in
on a lesson with us though and she got all fired up about how she
doesn't understand the need to be baptized again but Maria ended up
teaching her own mother why and it was pretty awesome. I love her!!
Also, when we had our last lesson with Amparro, she told us that she
has been praying constantly to Heavenly Father to know if what we're
teaching is true and to know the difference between what's good & bad
(especially involving religious matters) and she said when she went to
her church last week on Saturday & Sunday, when her Pastor was
speaking she just didn't feel good about it and then when she came to
our baptism, she felt something different.. she felt peace & comfort
in her heart. Especially when the baptism ordinance was happening and
then she said she wants to start bringing her family to OUR church. We
don't have her on date yet but I can feel it coming!!! Also, her
husband sat in on the lesson, as did her kids.. we taught them the
Gospel of Jesus Christ and when we invited them to be baptized again,
when we asked Rafael he said if he receives an answer that what we're
teaching is all true then he'll have to obey and be baptized. This was
a huge deal to hear that from his mouth so we were sooo excited!!!! I
know they are going to receive & recognize their answers soon and they
will be baptized. Also, Cecilia and her family... Cecilia knows she
will be baptized too but she just doesn't feel quite ready yet. She
still wants to learn more & feel more comfortable and we need to start
teaching her kids more. More updates to come but a lot is happening
here!!! We've picked up some new investigators too and are truly
seeing the work of The Lord hastening here in Northern California!!!!!
It's a MIRACLE!!!!!!!! I love missionary work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I love you all more than you'll ever know and I want you to know
that THE CHURCH IS TRUE and I will declare that statement to everyone
I know for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!! I am dedicated to the gospel
my family & friends. I am striving each day to give myself completely
to my Heavenly Father & Lord, Jesus Christ and I could not be happier
about it!!! I am a child of God and a disciple of my Savior, Jesus
Christ. I am a representative of Him and have His name printed on my
chest. More importantly, I have it engraved into my heart. I LOVE MY

& serving a mission has been the very best decision I have made in my
life thus far. It has completely changed my life, the person I am and
the person I want to become.

I will forever be grateful for this precious time I have to serve
full-time as una misionera de La Iglesia de JesuCristo de Los Santos
de Los Últimos Días.

I am so blessed.

Con mucho amor,


of asking haha I am so sorry my dearest mother!!! I will send more
next week!! A sister has a device where I can put my pictures right
onto my iPad! It's a miracle!!

Funny tracting quotes from yesterday..... (the life of us Hermanas)

"Ooh, let's try this house!! There are Christmas lights!" - Hermana Briggs
"Yes. Perfect. They're either Mexican or rednecks." - Hermana Lee

Our indications of Hispanic homes:
- Colorful paint job.
- Christmas lights still up.
- Aloe plants.
- Cactus.
- Car parked on lawn (low riding truck parked on lawn=golden)
- Clothes line.
- Disney or Dora decorations.
- Sun or frog decorations.
- If there is a mop outside the door. Haha Hermana Briggs just noted that one.
- If there are shoes or boots outside the front door.
- (obvious) If there is Mexican music blasting from the inside.

Haha we're awful.

Oh and also, one of our investigators is a complete THUG and said when
she comes to church next week she is going to wear ALL red. She's part
of the "bloods" gang. Yes, kinda frightening but we love her!!! She's
trying to change her life so we're helping her the best we can!! Not
the first time I've taught a gang member hahaha life is too good.

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