Monday, August 11, 2014


¡Hola mi amorosa y querida familia!

I hope you are all well and that you had a safe & lovely time in my
Heaven ... Jackson Hole!! I want to hear all about it! I loved the
pictures you sent me mom & abs, thank you! All of the little ones look
so grown up! And the videos!! Jane's ballet dancing, haha I was dying.
So fun! I love our family soo much!! I love my Teton Troopers! And I
love this years t-shirts too by the way. Good job Barb! Ohh I am sure
you all had a complete blast! If you can believe it though, as much as
I love Jackson, there was nowhere else I would have rather been this
past week than here in Northern California in the mission field!
Working & serving in the Lord's vineyard. Here are some reasons why my
week was so WONDERFUL!!

  1. Maria update. So, we had to push her baptismal date till the 17th
because of church attendance but a MIRACLE happened! Well two
actually. First off, we taught her the Word of Wisdom & Law of
Chastity. We were a little unsure how she would take it - since we
knew she drank coffee & tea - but the lesson went perfectly smooth and
she said she would stop drinking both, no problem at all. She accepted
the invitation to live both commandments with a smile on her face and
she even started recognizing & mentioning all the bad effects she has
noticed from coffee, etc. Amazing! And then our next miracle with her.
So, as I mentioned last week, her mother Ana didn't support her in
being baptized and she didn't want to get baptized without her
mother's blessing. Well, we had been praying & praying for her and
decided to continue to simply try our best to bring the spirit with us
& into their home whenever we visited and pray for Ana's heart to be
softened. Well, after we had our wonderful lesson, we asked her if
there was anything we could help her with and she said for us to
continue to pray for her & her baptism! We then thought things were
the same but she continued to tell us very enthusiastically that she
now has her mother's support, blessing and that her mother is actually
EXCITED for her to be baptized! Ana, her mom, supposedly said that we
have behaved ourselves very well and she can tell there is nothing bad
about our church. She really likes us Hermanas and knows the church
will bless her daughters life! We were all cheering when she told us
and we could not stop smiling!! It was the biggest miracle!! Hermana
Lee even had tears come when she told us and I can't say that mine
didn't well up a little bit as well ... I just love Maria soo much and
am soooo happy & excited for her. Heavenly Father truly is watching
out for each & everyone of his precious children!! I love it!!! Soo
baptism coming up!!!
2. Another MIRACLE. So, one of Hermana Lee's recent converts here is
Ana. Ana is 11, her mom was baptized right before her, her dad has
been a member for many years (less-active) and then she has an older
sister, Mercedes who is 14, and a little brother, Gustavito who is 8
and severely Autistic. Well anyways, Gustavo does not need to be
baptized and Mercedes has not yet been baptized. Apparently Mercedes
hasn't had any interest in learning from the missionaries either and
will just occasionally come to church with her family ... However, we
invited her to come to our last lesson with Ana (recent-convert
lessons) and she came!! It was a miracle! And what was even better was
she LOVED the lesson!! We taught about service, watched the Mormon
Message "Lessons I Learned as a Boy" by President Hinckley (which
always makes me feel the spirit very strongly) and it was a very
spiritually uplifting & heart warming lesson. She shared many personal
comments & experiences too and supposedly on the way home told Elder
Warmoth, a senior missionary - we had our lesson at his home, that she
felt sooo good during the lesson & cannot wait for our next lesson
we're having this upcoming week!! Amazing! I have a very strong
feeling it won't take long for this darling girl to be baptized.
Part-member families are the best!!
  3. We found a new incredible investigator!! So one night we were
leaving a lesson and we saw from a distance, in this apartment
complex, a few ladies and their children sitting around a park talking
... we decided this would be an excellent OYM (open your mouth)
opportunity. So, we went over and started talking with the ladies and
casually brought up our purpose as missionaries, etc. The ladies were
all super nice and gave us their apartment numbers so that we could
stop by in the future. Well, later in the week we were back at the
same apartment complex and decided to try them all. We knocked on one
ladies door, Veronica, and she immediately let us in. We then had one
of the greatest lessons!! We got to know her a little bit better,
talked more about our purpose as missionaries but what made it go so
well was Hermana Lee asked her what she expected out of us teaching
her, what she wanted to gain from our lessons, etc. She then said
"TODO" ... EVERYTHING .. and then she sat there for a moment really
pondering over it and then completely opened up to us and told us more
about herself and what she really wanted. She is this
darling/beautiful young mom, she looks like she could easily be my age
or younger, has two little ones and is currently a single mom. She
said it is a hard job and she has no family here in the States,
they're all still in Mexico, so she said she often feels very lonely.
She said because she gets so busy with work & being a single mom, she
hasn't given herself much time to study the word of God and grow
closer to Him but she know it's what she needs and she's ready for it
& for it to make that difference in her life. So, I first had us read
a few Scriptures: 2 Nephi 25:26 (talking about our purpose and leading
to the Atonement) and then Alma 7:11-14 (talking all about the
Atonement of Jesus Christ) and then I immediately thought of the
Mormon Message "None Were With Him" or in Español, "Totalmente Solo"
and had her watch it. After the video I could tell from the look on
her face that she absolutely loved it and I couldn't have been more
right. The spirit was so strong and as soon as I asked her what she
liked about it she put her hand to her chest as if she couldn't catch
her breath and she simply said, "WOW." She then said she loved
EVERYTHING about it and still couldn't quite find the words to express
how she felt. She kept putting her hand to her chest and saying "wow"
and then she said, with tears in her eyes, "Yo se que esta lección es
para mi." ... "I know this lesson is for me." She said, "Yo se que
estas lecciones que tienen son muy personal." ... "I know that these
lessons you have are very personal." She loved it so much and said she
would love to learn more. The lesson applied to her PERFECTLY and she
could feel that we, como misioneras y representantes de JesuCristo,
were really there for HER individually and her personal needs. It was
amazing! I could barely speak for a little while as well because the
spirit was soo strong and I was so touched by all that was happening
and by her sweet reaction. It was a moment I will never ever forget &
I am soo excited to teach her more!!! She is amazing! We have a lesson
again with her tomorrow, I cannot wait! And her kids are DARLING!! I
am so happy we followed that soft prompting of the Holy Ghost and
decided to OYM her that one night. A miracle is happening because of
it. I truly must talk to everyone I see in sight!!! No matter what!
  4. We had exchanges this past week and we're exchanging with the
Yuba Hermanas and so Hermana Hughes got to come up to Orland and spend
a day with Hermana Lee & I!!!! It was the best!! The second I saw my
baby Hermana Hughes, I realized how much I have missed her!! Honestly
I have missed her sooo much and it completely hit me when I saw her
and got to spend another day with her. She is purely AMAZING and one
of the best missionaries I know of. She is sooo positive, happy,
upbeat, humble, energetic, enthusiastic, fun, biggest hearted,
Christ-like, diligent, obedient, loving and I couldn't look up to or
adore her more!! I had a complete blast chatting with her, spending
more time with her and I feel like most of the day I was smiling or
laughing. She is so much fun and I realized more than ever how much
fun we had together. Also how diligent and hard working we were
together. We honestly worked our little hearts out in Yuba and both
talked about how proud we are of ourselves and the work we performed.
Miracles are going to come because of our efforts and I know none of
them were wasted. Ah, Hermana Hughes is incredible and I know she will
always be so dear to me. I am so excited to see her down at BYU and
experience more fun times & memories together. I am the proudest
mama!!! Also, her Spanish is "FANTASTIC" (she always says that word)
haha and she is just killing it as a missionary. That Hermana came
into the field, pre-trained. I love her so much!!! We had an awesome
day when she was here as well. So much fun! (Ps. we all have a
prediction that Hermana Piggott is going to get transferred to Yuba
this upcoming week and so my "mama" & "daughter" are probably going to
be serving together!! So crazy!)
  5. BEST THING. So since Hermana Briggs was in Gridley for a week and
was supposed to be serving there, she started teaching Yamara and
tried to get a good relationship with her.. well, after the changes,
there are now only Elders in Gridley. And we talked about how Yamara
along with Marcella and others, will be a little neglected because it
won't be the same for them to meet with Elders. Well anyways, since
Yamara is my recent convert as well, Hermana Briggs asked President
Marston if we could have Skype lessons with Yamara here. He joyfully
gave us permission and so we had out first Skype lesson!!! It was
amazing! I never knew I would be able to teach and feel still feel the
spirit so well through Skype! We read & discussed the Alma the Younger
story in Mosiah 27 and led it into talking about her conversion (the
other Hermanas wanted to hear her tell it) and then missionary work
(she still needs to work on her family). So we did just that and it
was sooo much fun along with being such a powerful lesson! Yamara
could not be more darling and I am thrilled to be teaching her still.
It is going to be amazing. She also said THE most heartfelt & sweet
prayer at the end of our lesson and I was almost in tears. I love her
so much. Also, I got to see Antonio & Lorenza on the screen for a
little, they were loving it way too much haha and they agreed to keep
reading the Book of Mormon with Yamara and then they said how they are
going to visit me when I get home. They said they want to come to my
wedding. Which if that's far away I will be visiting them way before,
but it made me happy. They say they're my "familia Mexicana" and I
love them so much. The Elizondo's are so close to my heart.
    6. Manuela, our thug investigator and the best person ever, is
finally starting to pray on her own and she said she'll come to church
this Sunday!! And then we have another awesome progressing
investigator, Lourdes, who we've been seeing at least twice a week and
she is so amazing as well! Lots is happening here and I'm absolutely
loving it!!!
    7. Haha fun fact. My companions have beautiful voices (Hermana Lee
has an amazing voice and even has a song recorded!! I need to send you
a cd with the song on it ... We sing along to it all the time) and so
we offered to sing a trio at a baptism! We teach the mom Spanish and
so she asked us if we'd do something. But anyways, even though my
voice is nothing special and I am no singer, I have enjoyed singing
lots on my mission and our trio was very nice!! We sang at the cutest
little girl, Morgan's baptism, and we sang "Neared My God to Thee." I
actually prefer to sing that song in Español now but it's such a
beautiful song and it was really fun. We even harmonized and that has
definitely been something I've had to learn how to do on my mission!
It has been pretty fun!! I also started playing the piano again the
other day ... It has been awhile but I actually miss playing! And then
we're also singing in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday with three of the
young women from our branch. It should be a good experience!! I love
singing on my mission because I know I never will never do it publicly
at home. Haha I am taking advantage of it while I can!

   Well family. I truly could not be happier and I never want my time
on my mission to end. Everything is becoming more tender to me and to
be honest, tears already come to my eyes when I think about this
beautiful journey ending. In dad's email today he said something about
how next August we'll be laughing thinking about how fast the time has
flown and I will actually be crying not laughing!!! But really. My
mission means everything to me and I am soaking in every little moment
I have here in the mission field and I still have sooo much time
left!!! So many wonderful miracles and experiences are about to


Con mucho amor,


These are from the baptism we sang at!!!

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