Monday, December 30, 2013

¡feliz año nuevo mi familia!

My darling family that I love ohhh so very much!!!

I'm sorry I am emailing so late! We wanted to clean the car and so
some other stuff before we emailed today, so sorry about that. But
first off, I still can't get over the fact that I was able to skype
with you just a few days ago!! BEST Christmas present I could have
ever asked for!! I cannot even explain how much I loved it. I'll never
forget it. Haha and it couldn't have started off better. 

When I called
Abby and she just started screeeeeaming!!! Hahaha and my favorite
lines that she said, "Your voice sounds soo beautiful!!!" ... "I just
want to give you a kiss!!!!" .. and then the second she said, "I MISS
YOU!!!!!!" tears came to my eyes and it couldn't have felt better. I
cannot tell you how happy it made me!!!! Hahaha and then we both would
just start screaming again and one time gayyyorg was screaming so loud
it cut up her voice on the phone haha. Ohh it kills me thinking back
on that. It was so special. And then when we SKYPED and I got to see
each of your beautiful faces and hear all of your voices!!!! Ahhhhh
pure JOY. Just seeing everyone in their Christmas pjs, in the family
room, in front of the Christmas tree, in MY home!!!! Amazing. It
honestly could not have been a more beautiful sight!!! I loved it so
much!!! And I still think about the conversations we had all the time.
Remembering what everyone said, their advice, everything.. Haha and
seeing HENRY!!!!! My hennnny hen doggg. Ahhh I miss him!!! He could
not have looked cuter and it made me want to cuddle up with him soo
bad. Miss my little henrick. But that really was soooo much fun and
was exactly what I needed. It truly made my Christmas so special.

So as for my Christmas, you all already heard about most of it... But
after we skyped we had a big Christmas dinner at a members home.
They're a darling big family and have the cutest home, so it felt
homely and was very fun. We actually ended up helping make dinner too
and then afterwards we played a game similiar to that one we love
playing, where you have to write something and people guess who wrote
it?? Anyways, it was soo fun and Hermana Piggott and I were killing
people with our answers. They weren't expecting us to have humors I
guess!! Clean, appropriate humor of course. Haha but then after that
we visited Marcella and Estrella was with her dad at the moment so it
was perfect timing. Marcella was by herself and so our visit made her
very happy. She also expressed her gratitude for all the presents the
Orme's gave her & Estrella, etc. They really went above and beyond. I
think I already told you all they got her.... And how we delivered
them with the whole Orme family on Christmas Eve. It was so special.
But then it was so sweet because as she was saying how grateful she
was for the presents, she said how it really is so important for
people to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas and remember what
we're really celebrating. Who we're celebrating. That was so special
to me to hear her talk about Christ with such love & admiration. I was
then able to bear my sincere and strong testimony of my loving Savior
and in that moment I truly FELT the spirit of Christmas and my heart
was warmed so much. We then watched the bible video of Christ's birth.
It's so beautiful and again, I felt the spirit so strongly watching
it. I love my Savior, I love Marcella, I love Hermana Piggott and I
love being a missionary.... So the combination couldn't have made me
happier. Which reminds me, I am SO happy you were able to meet Hermana
Piggott!!!!!!! Haha isn't she the cutest!? That was so much fun!!!!! I
got to meet the Piggott fam too and they're so cute. Haha and you got
to meet some of the Elders in my district too!! Kills me. Haha Hermana
Piggott loved seeing you all so much though and still talks about how
excited she is to meet you all in person and get to know you. She
really brings it up a lot actually. Haha probably because I talk about
you all CONSTANTLY. I am obsessed with my family!!!!! Ohh you are all
the cutest!!!! So then after Marcella's, we went caroling with our
district again!! Sooo fun!! This was my favorite thing!! I think I
told you but we went caroling twice on Christmas Eve too. With our
branch and then our district again. But so anyways, this time my voice
wasn't completely there (like how it was when we skyped because I was
getting sick) but I still sang my heart out (even with the rasps) and
it was soo fun!! We went to so many different houses, a hospital/rest
home, passed out candy canes while singing and I loved just seeing
peoples faces light up when they walked outside (or came outside their
rooms in the rest home) and we were singing. Sometimes neighbors would
walk out and listen too. And we went to English and Spanish homes so
we sang in both languages... Haha I loved it!!!! We went to Jesus's
and it was just him and little Maria... It made him sooo happy and he
started singing with us!!! Such a cutie!! He is doing sooo good by the
way. He's changing so much constantly and really growing up. I love
Jesus!!! And I am so proud of him. I can't wait to see where he is in
the future. But we sang for a good while, all just having the best
time together while feeling the spirit so strongly as well. We even
sang at our new investigating families home!!!And then we sang at the
Hamblin's last, the Sister who is obsessed with missionaries haha and
they started crying when we were singing they loved it so much. Then
they invited us all in for treats & hot cocoa. Soo fun!!!! Brother
Hamblin said he kept saying "the Spanish Sisters haven't visited
yet...." And it was super last minute I suggested we went caroling
over there so I was super glad I did!! But then after that Hermana
Piggott and I came home, at curfew haha and the Orme's wanted us to go
over and play games, have treats, etc. but it was too late for us...
Unfortunately.... So we just had some solid bonding time, I dressed up
in a full fledge Santa suit the Hamblin's let us borrow and Hermana
Piggott was Rudolph, we took a picture to send home haha and it was so
much fun. We chatted about tons and tons, pretty much everything and
I'll never forget it. Also, when we both read each other's cards we
had tears in our eyes. I love Hermana Piggott sooo much and she is so
special to me.

Okay and as you know, I was losing my voice and getting sick.. Well
the next day I woke up SUPER sick. My voice was gone and I was sick as
a dogg. I went on with my day as normal though but felt a little off.
I could barely speak and was constantly coughing. Haha I joke with
Hermana Piggott and say coughing has been my best work out on the
mission! I'm getting a 6 pack from it. Hahaha just kiddin. But my
stomach is still sore. Haha no but so after being a sick human all day
and after dinner having Idalia Rodriguez have me drink thick pink
medicine (which embarrassingly took me forever to drink) and stick
this powerful ointment up my nose.. haha what really made my day was
when we came home I had two HUGE wrapped boxes on our front porch,
another box and a package!!! The two huge boxes being from my darling
parents, the box being from Brad & Britt and then a package from
Lauren Haller!!! I loved all the packages I was able to open on
Christmas.. from mom, Abigail, Susan/little David, Lindsay Rosander,
the Haller's, the Egan's... but coming home to all of that!!! And
after I had felt so sick all day.... BEST SURPRISE!!!! My Christmas
continued on and wow..... it was all amazing!!! When I opened both big
boxes, sooooo many perfectly wrapped & darling presents were stacked
and I felt like the giddiest girl!!!! Hahaha we turned on Abby's
Christmas cd, turned on all the Christmas lights in our room, the
lights on the tree... Got in our pjs, and had a second Christmas.
Hermana Piggott got a package from her mom too and I gave her the
gifts & stocking from you mom (ps. the stocking you gave me is
DARLING!!!!!!) so we were both in Heaven. I took lots of pictures but
you should have seen the room after I opened all of the gifts!! It
truly felt like Christmas with all the wrapping paper and boxes
covering the floor. I was in Heaven. But mom & dad, you truly went
ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!!!! Wow. You spoiled me and I love all you gave me
soooo much!!!!! I wish I could talk to you right now to personally
thank you for all of it. Too much to even get into. But THANK YOU SOOO
MUCH!!!! And Brad & Britt, thank you sooo much!!!! I loved your
present soo much too. You two are so good to me. Then Lauren Haller
gave me the best package as well. She sent me pictures of her
gorgeous, adorable, darling little ones... they really are THE cutest
pictures. You would all die. And then sent me drawings from Elsa &
Lydia that they drew for me!! Lydia drew a Santa and wrote my name and
"LVO LYDIA" haha so cute!! Reminds me of when I used to write, "FO
EMILIE" fo for from haha. And then she drew a nativity which is the
most precious thing.... She drew a picture of a blonde girl.. And then
Elsa drew a picture of more so scribbles and a person too... And
Lauren added a note of where Elsa was trying to write my name and
hers.... They are SOOO DARLING!!!! And mean so much to me. I already
have them up on my wall. So fun. And then she sent me all kinds if
stuff I can use for my mission, including these bookmarks on Christ
which I ended up passing out yesterday in Relief Society/Priesthood
because Hermana Piggott and I taught the class combined!! And our
lesson was on Christ, more specifically the characteristics of Christ.
So it was all amazing!!!! And then I've already told you about Susan's
gift since I was wearing it all when we skyped haha and then the
Haller's and Egan's gave me the best presents as well!! Why am I so
blessed!? And then the NEXT day, I received a package from Shannon
Haller which inside had homemade frames that Trey & Sophie made with
the most adorable pictures inside as well. They look like little model
children. All of Michael's nieces and nephews are sooo beautiful!!!!
But I absolutely loved them as well and have them nicely placed on my
desk. Perfection!! I had received the best gifts!!!!! And of course
these didn't all distract me from the true meaning, it just means sooo
much when people are that thoughtful and think of you. Especially
while I am on my mission and the fact that they take the time to send
something. I am sooo grateful and it means more than anyone will ever

But other than that, it has been an incredible week however, a
different one with Christmas and everything. But we still got a ton
accomplished and even have a new darling family investigating who we
have now taught twice!! The mom, dad (which is rare) and their 4
little ones. I am so excited to have some new blood!! And we tracked
into them sooo tracting does have its benefits!!! Pray for them. But
let's see... What else has happened real quick, Lorenza and Antonio
both came to church yesterday!!! So BOTH of Yamara's parents came!!!
Esgar would have too but he was in Sacramento watching the Raider's
game.... But that was huge for Lorenza!! Before, she said she wouldn't
even come to Yamara's baptism and now she's coming to church!!! And we
taught her the restoration again the other night and that went
surprisingly way well! I have a feeling she's going to be converted!!
I have a ton of faith in her! And in Antonio too. But the thing is, if
Lorenza is baptized.. So is Esgar. So we're crossing our fingers!!!!!
Other than that, we've actually found quite a few more people but I'll
update you on them next week after we've taught them more. Till then I
have to go!! I am so glad you got my big package though hahaha I hope
you enjoy & embrace all that is inside!! But until then, I love you
all soooo much!!! OH!!! And tell little David CONGRATS on his
engagement for me will ya!? And Haley too!! They are so darling and I
am so excited they're getting married!!! I'm sad I'll be missing it
but I can't wait to hang out with them when I get back haha. And I got
Janie's wedding invitations!!!!! SOO PRETTY!! Wow, they are going to
be a gorgeous bride & groom. So many weddings, so exciting!! And yes!
Ariel Parry got called to ROSEVILLE!!! I just got her email telling
me!!! And what is crazy is she emailed me a couple of weeks ago
randomly asking about the mission, etc. and I didn't have time to
email back then but if I would have I would have mentioned her coming
here!!!! And she IS!!! And Elder Barney and her have been emailing and
now she's coming to our mission!!! Sooo crazy and so exciting. Little
does she know she has been called to the best mission in the world!
And to the BEST mission president!!! I am so excited! She's English
but if we ever have a sister's conference I'll see her, or if I'm
training when she comes, or who knows... We could end up in the same
district or zone!!!! Crazy!!!! Nobody gets called here. I love it. But
okay, I have to go! More to say that I'll have to say later. But I am
so happy everyone had such a magical Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
I hope we can look forward to a wonderful new year, full of new goals
and adventures. I am super excited for the year of 2014!!!! Woot woot!

Con mucho amor, Hermana Barth

be AMAZING and I'll write all about it next week!! Sorry this email
has been all over the place. However I am able to type faster on my
little iPad so I was able to squeeze in a lot! Okay, I LOVE YOU

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