Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is coming to GRIDLEY!!!

FAMILY DEAREST!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE ZERO time to write because I spent some time emailing other people back today.... but REAL QUICK!!!!! 

1. We had transfers calls last night and Hermana Piggott and I are staying TOGETHER!!!! Hahaha craziest experience. Sooo my training ends this week... crazy huh?? And so there was a SLIGHT chance that they would transfer Hermana Piggott... because she has been here for 4 transfers now.... her training and then training me... HOWEVER, new Spanish Hermanas don't come till January and so I had a feeling we would stay together but so anyways, Hermana Piggott was soooo nervous she was going to get transferred. She literally has been nervous all week and was sick thinking about it. Because we truly could not be more perfect together and have been witnessing sooo many miracles. And we still have a TON of work to finish and do together... soo we were really nervous and yesterday at church everyone was asking about it, saying they were praying we'd stay together, etc. and last night at Yamara's we told her that Hermana Piggott HAD been transferred (rude joke I know) and in seconds before we could tell her we were kidding her eyes were FULL of tears!!! And she kept saying we were so mean haha but she was also very relieved we hadn't received the call yet... but so anyways, we finally got the call at 10 last night and our zone is the last one... well so earlier that night at the Christmas Devotional we saw the zone leaders and we were telling them how we didn't want to get transferred and so they played a little joke on us!!!! When they got to our zone the announced all of the changes, in which every companionship was changed... Elder Call and Elder Boyer are going home and then Elder Herrera and Sister Moulton are getting transferred.... but then so after they announced the changes to the Spanish Elders.... well so first off, if you HEAR your name it means you're getting transferred... but when you don't, then nothing changes. So every other district you only heard the names of those leaving but after Elder Carter announced the Spanish Elders changes he said.... and Spanish sisters (my heart DROPPED).......... Sister Piggott.............. (my heart dropped even MORE and he dragged out the pause) and Sister Barth....... YOUR STAYING TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha we both SCREAMED with excitement and hugged like crazy. I couldn't BELIEVE it. The stinky zone leaders.... thought they were so hilarious!!!! Hahaha we called them out on it too and they said they could have made it worse. But yeah it just made us staying together that much more exciting. Hahaha and we have this ALL on film so in the future I'll show you all haha. It's HILARIOUS. I go from looking like the saddest kid to SCREAMING with excitement and smiling like crazy hahahaha. So we're staying together!!! However, our entire district has changed. We have a new district leader, Elder Schnyder, whom none of us know... and new everyone. Including a greenie!! Sister Haupeakui is training the new sister who is the ONLY new sister coming in December... pretty crazy but I am happy to get a new greenie. It will be way fun and I am excited to have a new fresh district. It will definitely be a good change. But yeah I'll give more updates on it next week. I am just sooo happy I am staying with Hermana Piggott for one more transfer!!!! It's all we wanted for Christmas!! Hahahaha it's TOO perfect. And you will all get to meet her when we SKYPE in just a few WEEKS!!!! Ahhh Hermana Piggott really is one of my BEST friends now though and I love her more than I can express!! Haha people all the time are saying, 

"How did YOU TWO get put together!? You're BEST FRIENDS!" 

Hahaha we really are unlike any companionship. We're not just mission companions but we're BEST FRIENDS. And we're going to be the best of friends after the mission too.. NO QUESTION. I know she will get along with all of my friends at home too and we truly do have a bucket list of what we want to do afterwards. Haha however, we never want our missions to end. But yeah I love Hermana Pigglet (the Hispanics call her that all the time haha) soo much and we're the best together. Haha ohh and so cute, Yamara in her prayer last night prayed that Hermana Piggott would stay so that we would both be able to be at her baptism!! She is soo darling I cannot handle it!!!! And she says the most SINCERE, sweet prayers.... it touches my heart every time. I'll get into that in a minute... but yeah, we're together another 6 weeks!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! CHRISTMAS IN GRIDLEY with my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Yamara is still doing AMAZING. She is progressing soo much and dyyyying to be baptized still. Antonio and Lorenza, her parents, are softening though... and they are sooo loving to us.. want us to come over every day, always give us hot chocolate, Lorenza always hugs us like crazy, etc. It's just going to take a little more time. We're teaching Lorenza personal lessons THIS week though. We need to get her asap. We haven't been able to teach her on her own yet so we need to do that. Earlier this week though while we were teaching the entire family, I noticed Lorenza was studying and reading from the Book of Mormon a ton... I told her the copy she was studying was hers and now we need to TEACH her more about it. She wants Yamara to read the entire book before she gets baptized too so we made a deal with Yamara and us 3 are going to read it in 3 weeks (like me and Hermana Piggott did before) and we know that Heavenly Father will show us miracles because of it!!! We're all super excited about it and Yamara is super excited to read as well! And we'll study along the way together... it's going to be amazing!!! But yeah she knows she is eligible now for baptism and she said she tells her mom that every day haha. And yesterday she came to the Devotional with us and afterwards she wanted a tour of the stake center and when we showed Esgar and his girlfriend the baptismal font (they came to pick her up and toured it as well) she wrote on the chalkboard, YAMARA'S BAPTISM!!! Hahaha sooo cute!! She needs to get baptized asap. And yeah when we teach her she just GETS everything and wants to follow every commandment perfectly!! It's so cute! And when she prayers she just says the sweetest, most sincere prayers and always pleads with Heavenly Father that he'll soften her parents hearts, etc. It's so cute. And she went to YW last Wednesday and LOVED it!! 

We have darling young women from the English ward befriending her too. Which makes me happy. And yesterday she went to the YW classes all by her self (we went with her the past two weeks) and she loved them so much too!!! Oh yeah and one day we told her that if she ever wants an answer to one of her questions she can honestly ask the question to herself and open her Book of Mormon to a random page and she'll find the answer. Well so, we did an example of this in our lesson and then the next day when we were teaching her she told us she got in an argument with Esgar and as soon as she went into her room, mad, to calm down she grabbed her Book of Mormon and wanted to test out what we told her.... so she flipped it open totally random and LOVED what she found which was Alma 34:38-41........ AMAZING. It was the perfect thing she could have read she said and she told us she knew even more that what we're teaching is true and that God LOVES her. Also, one last thing really quick...... we asked her the other day about why she wants to be baptized and we asked her what solidified her decision and she said, "when I met President Weston... I felt soo much love from him, he just seemed SO happy and loving and I could feel his spirit so strong that it felt like a shock went through his hand when I shook it." Pretty amazing huh??? PRESIDENT WESTON IS AMAZING!!!!! I cannot even tell you how amazing that man is. I admire and respect him soo much and I'm not kidding when I say he has SUCH a powerful spirit. It's incredible. I can feel his presence when he enters the building. I truly am so lucky to have such an amazing Mission President and love him so much!! He also will only be here till June and so I'll be getting a new one after he leaves... very sad however, I'm sure the new President will be just as amazing. But yeah I thought that was very awesome. That she got to meet President and that he impacted her so much!!!! But okay... and Esgar is going to be baptized soon too I know it!! He knows our church is true he just needs to fully jump 2 feet in. But we're still on our contract, which means him obeying the Word of Wisdom, and he has already resisted it with friends and what not... said he really doesn't need to drink, understands why it's bad, etc. so I am confident he'll be able to continue no drinking, etc. even after the contract ends. He knows what he needs to do and now he just needs to do it. And we're hoping to teach his girlfriend asap too. She's so cute. Oh and if Esgar gets baptized, Yamara automatically can. So it's a WIN WIN!!!!! Okay.... more updates on that later.

3. Marcella is doing awesome. She's struggling paying all her bills but Brother Orme took her grocery shopping last week and we have a food order for her coming.... which means A TON to her. She said 10 min before Brother Orme called her the other night to take her shopping she was trying to figure out how she was going to feed Estrella with only $15 in her pocket because she had to pay rent, the babysitter, electricity, etc. being a single mom is rough... and then Brother Orme called and she said it was a BLESSING FROM GOD. She is the hardest worker too and sooo appreciative so it make it that much better. We got to shop with her too and she was just soooo thankful. I love her. We're watching the devotional again tonight at the Orme's for FHE with Marcella and her boyfriend Oscar tonight too which will be awesome. Hoping to put Oscar on date asap too........... 

4. Okay, and then everything else has been wonderful!!! We're really wanting some new blood so last week we went tracting A TON. In cold weather too. It is COLD here!!! Supposedly it's abnormally cold too. Tons of trees are frozen with icicles and our car and the grass is always covered in frost in the mornings.... wasn't expecting this weather either but I LOVE it because it actually feels like December and Christmas season. It's lovely and me and Hermana Piggott got hot cocoa the other day for weekly planning.... best thing. Oh, and I bought some pero and I drink it DARK now.... no cream and no sugar. Never thought I'd see the day but that's how I like it!! Haha I think it's because of Brodle's making iced pero....Haha and mother dearest... I probably need some warmer clothes. Possibly. I'll write you more later. But yeah, Christmas is definitely coming to GRIDLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is starting to deck their houses out in Christmas lights, and some go FULL on out with lights and decorations... I love it, our house is covered with trees lit, decorations, etc. which makes morning studies sooo joyful haha and then there was a Christmas light parade the other night, we got to watch it as we were driving for awhile and then they lit up this HUGE tree that's in town... super cute and fun... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!! And then we had a ward Christmas party the other night (we went for our dinner) and then our Branch Christmas party is on the 21st!! I cannot wait!! But okay.... I HAVE NO MORE TIME!!!!! More later.... But I love you all sooooo much and I'll write more later!!!!!!! 

Con mucho amor, Hermana Barth

Ps. I can't believe Haley already gave her farewell talk and is leaving sooo soon!!!! I want to hear more about her talk so I'm going to write her this week!!!!! But if she reads this, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU HALEY BO!!!!!! I love you soooo much and cannot WAIT for you to be a missionary and to join me out in the field!!! I'll write you this week but I want to hear more about your talk!!! I'm sure it was AMAZING and inspired the entire congregation. I wish I could have been there but I'll be at your homecoming!! And I want you to know that you are such a wonderful influence to me, as well as everyone around you and that I admire you in so many ways!! You're going to be the most darling Sister missionary and I miss & love you so! 

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