Thursday, August 8, 2013


Ohh my goodness dearest family!!!!! I know I only said goodbye to you all this morning but I already feel like it has been so long!! So first off, I just arrived to the MEXICO MTC and I could not be happier or more excited!! 
Ahh I already feel like I have so much to tell you all but I don't know how much time I have and I don't want to hog the computer.... real quick. 

Here's a little rundown of my day so far. So when I first got to my terminal I was all by my lonesome, sad.. I know. Haha but soon 5 Elders joined me and I felt better. Still I was keeping my eye out for a dear Hermana and soon enough... she arrived!!! And ohh my goodness she could not be more darling. We immediately clicked and were chatting up a storm. She is so cute I can barely handle it. 

Her name is Allie Howe, Hermana Howe, and she's from Pleasant Grove. She's a year younger than me and just finished her first year up at Utah State. She's a blonde, petite, beautiful little thing and I already adore her so much. Oh, and she will be serving in a southern California mission.. somewhere near Palm Springs, etc. I am embarrassed I can't remember the exact name of her mission and I would ask her but she just ditched me for some food. We're all starved. But they are providing us with sandwiches, drinks, apples, and a kinder (German pride woot woot) treat. But okay so anyways, me and Hermana Howe were just quickly becoming the best of friends and chatting not only amongst one another but with the 5 Elders as well. There's Elder Roberts, Elder Moore, Elder Lots, Elder Tasina, and Elder Merrill. They're all awesome young men and now some of my best buds! We all really have gotten along soo well and are just having a blast. 

So we then had our flight to Texas and lucky for me.... I had an open seat next to me so I partially lied down, handbag as pillow, and passed out. I think I slept a good amount and felt super lucky I got that little benefit. But then we arrived in Texas and our little crew just hung out and had a wonderful time together. We all just told so many stories, talked and talked and were just laughing at ourselves at how clueless we all are and how we don't know a lick of Spanish. Elder Roberts even befriended a kind old Latina woman and we were all trying so hard not to burst out laughing because she didn't know English fly to the moon and he is so clueless with Spanish but still tried to speak with her. It was hilarious I tell you. Haha so classic. Ahh everyone is just so happy and nice I love it!! But okay and then I thought I had to have my sponser letter printed out which I did not have so Hermana Howe was a doll and we trotted around the entire airport looking for a printer.. well there was not one to be found and we ended up asking a Latino man if we could borrow his laptop to open my email up and take a picture. He was a saint though and we had fun talking to him. 

But anyways, I need to hurry!!!! So then we took our flight to MEXICO and I sat by a nice, bearded Mexican/American guy. We ended up chatting a ton and I even brought up the church to him when I talked about how I was going to be a missionary... haha it was great. He has heard of the church though and knows of a boy serving a mission but he's catholic. But yeah so I had a grand ol' time chatting with him and then began writing in my journal. But then we got to Mexico and all looked like a dear in headlights. It was classic. We all were just laughing our heads off and feeling so clueless. Not too long after though tons and tons of new missionaries joined us and we were getting to know everyone and their doggg. I am yet to find someone going to my mission but it's all great. Oh yeah so I saw the boy from when I got my Typhoid shot mom and then I officially met Elder Garcia who was the Elder who got set apart right before me last night!! Well anyways, he said he has heard about me from Connor Haller because they are good friends. Haha I was dying. We talked about the Haller's for a good while and that was way fun for me and then we know a million more of the same people. He went to Olympus so you know how that goes.... 

Anyways, I have so many others I want to tell you about but I have to go. Real quick though, everyone is beyond darling and I already love them all to death. But okay so then we took a nice long bus ride and just got to the MTC!!! We just got out name tags, haha I was one of the first out of the Sisters to get mine so everyone wanted to look at it and we were all as giddy as can be. But and then Hermana Howe got her packet and all of the sudden she ran over to me and said, we are companions!!! Hahahaha we both screamed, literally, and embraced each other more than ever. We just hugged like crazy and were both ecstatic!!!! I honestly could not ask for a better first companion and I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am. All day I have secretly wished we'd be companions and we're both stoked out of our minds. Well anyways, I really have to go but I can't wait to write again to tell you more!!!!! 

We have to go to our dorms and settle in. Anyways, I seriously could not be happier and feel so so so blessed. 
Oh, and Hermana Howe will be serving in the Redlands California mission. But okay well I love you all soooo much and will talk to you soon! I could not feel more blessed and know Heavenly Father is watching over me. ADIOS!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Barth

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