Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hola from Mexico City!

¡Mi familia!! Ohhh my dear dear familia. How I love you so. Oh my goodness, I have soo much to say!!! Of course. Haha and I have no idea where to begin. Well first off, it's P-DAY baby!!!! And we're all sooo happy because of it. Best day ever. Haha getting emails feels like Christmas morning!!! I'm not even kidding. It's the BEST THING EVER!!!!! I get like butterflies the night before when I go to sleep and more butterflies when we wake up and walk over to the Thomas S. Monson building to read our emails. It is soo amazing hearing from those you love when so far away and it is the best boost you could ask for. I love it so much. So just know that hearing from you all makes me incredibly happy and I have a permanent smile on my face now because of it. 

Ahh I feel so so blessed and my heart is so full. I don't know if I ever felt so blessed or had my heart feel so constantly full in my life. I am soo happy and I know that's because I am doing the Lord's work and am a representative of Him. Yesterday we had to do role play with one another in class and I had to pretend to be an investigator for some Elders and then me and Hermana Howe had an Elder in our district act as an investigator and anyways... you get the point. But when me and Hermana Howe were teaching I was introducing us as representatives of Christ and oh my goodness. The most overwhelming and powerful feeling came over me. It hit me soo hard that I AM A REPRESENTATIVE OF MY LOVING SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. I am not here to be Emilie Barth, but to be the Lord's representative and to do HIS work. I am now Hermana Barth. I am the Lord's representative and I will do all I can to be the best missionary I can possibly be and represent him to my best ability. When this hit me I told the "investigator" Elder Angell that it is as if the Lord was sitting where me and Hermana Howe were sitting. We are here to love, help, serve and care for our fellow Brothers and Sisters as the Lord would himself. I must act as he would and do as he would. And with that I feel a great amount of responsibility on my shoulders but it truly humbles me and I could not feel more priviledged to act in His name. I felt the Savior's love soo strongly at that moment too and also felt such love for all the missionaries here and for my future investigators. It is so crazy because I don't know the lovely people I will be teaching yet but I already feel soo much love for them!! I am already soo anxious to go find these beloved people and bring them unto Christ. I have a purpose to fulfill!! 

Our missionary purpose is to, "Invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo al ayudarles a que reciben el Evangelio Restaurado mediante la fe en JesuCristo y su Expiacion, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, la reception del don del Espiritu Santo y el preservarar hasta el fin." I have so much to accomplish!! Yet I am soo excited to be doing this work! Never in my life have I ever been anxious to fall asleep at 10:30 sharp, wake up at 6:30 sharp and work my tail off learning, studying, and teaching!!!!! I honestly wake up every morning with a smile on my face and an even greater desire to work even harder and learn even more. I pray to our Heavenly Father tons and tons and just want to thank Him constantly for blessing me this much and giving me the opportunity to serve his children!!!! I feel soo blessed and lucky and I just want to thank Him and our beloved Savior constantly! I love them both more than I could ever express and their love for me touches me in ways I can't express. 

I feel so loved and my heart truly is so full. I know that without my Savior's help in everything I do I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today too. And with learning mas sobre el Evangelio y idioma de Español ... more about the Gospel and Spanish language, I know there is noo way I would be learning so much and progressing so much if it weren't for my loving Padre Celestial y Señor JesuCristo ... Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ, helping me every step of the way. I have never felt them in my life more than I do now and I know that my Savior LIVES more than ever. I can feel him constantly with me and it even brings tears to my eyes right now testifying to you all of what he does for me. My testimony has already grown sooo so much it overwhelms me. THE CHURCH IS TRUE and I testify that from the bottom of my heart. We also are so priviledged to get to hear from Apostles often for emotionals and I know without a doubt that these are true Apostles of the Lord just like the ordained Apostles of when Jesus established the church years and years ago. Their counsel if true and the word of God and I know the President Monson is our loving latter-day Prophet and I love him soo much. I feel soo lucky!!!! I know I am bearing my testimony lots but I just feel the spirit soo strongly with me constantly that I have to let out my feelings. The Holy Ghost is my constant companion and best friend. With the Holy Ghost I have been able to recieve personal revelation and learn more than I ever would be able to on my own. 

Also, with an update for Español, I have improved tons from last week and am kinda embarrassed I acted like I was so good when I last wrote. Haha everyone, although I keep improving... I am still sooo far from being good. I am still a beginner but I just feel blessed to be progressing as fast as I am. Our teachers have a ton of faith in us though and I know that helps a ton. I've also learned that having confidence in speaking goes a long way. So even though I may sound silly or not have the accent down or say things wrong... I'm trying my best to speak a ton so that I can improve faster. Speaking helps a million. It's crazy though how learning a language with such a wonderful purpose makes all the difference. El don de languas ... the gift of tongues is a real thing and I have faith that if I keep praying to recieve it and work my hardest, my Heavenly Father will bless it upon me. I know it. He has helped me thus far... and he won't back out on my. How amazing is that to know we have a loving Heavenly Father there for us constantly who will only help us improve and bless us!? I love Him!!!!!! But okay... now for some not as mishy stuff. 

Haha updates..... First off, we finished teaching out first investigator Ruby. We taught her 5 lessons and then she became another one of our teachers!! Hermana Howe has improved a ton in Español too and in the last couple of lessons participated more! It has been awesome and we've been setting really good goals every day and accomplishing them. Oh yeah and yesterday I memorize how to invite someone to be baptized, I tried it out on Miss Ruby although she wasn't ready... hahaha and then I memorized the entire First Vision!!!! Oh man. Saying that in English is one thing but saying it in Español is even better!! But as for Ruby.. Her name is Hermano Doxey and guess what!? 

So after she became our teacher, which was kinda weird at first, haha we got to know her a little and listen to this... she went to East and so of course I asked her the first family I could think of with East people and I said, "Do you know the Bennett's?" and she said, "Like Emma Bennett??" and I said yesss yess haha and then she said her mom is way good friends with Amy and I said MY mom is way good friends with Amy and said her dad even dated Amy and then she followed to tell me that both her parents went to JERUSALEM with Amy and I said MY MOM went to Jerusalem with Amy!!!!!!! Hahahaha soo Barb J, do you know the Doxey's?? I can't remember their first names but I'm sure you'll be able to find the connection. Let me know if you know them or remember them or ask Amy hahaha. CLASSIC!!! We were both dying when we made the connection and Hermana Wandell was like you make connections with everyone!! Haha it's true.. I find connections with lots of people here. I feel like you Barb J. Classic. Oh yeah so other people I've made connections with... I'll only tell a couple for now to save time.. but Hermana De La Vega this darling Hermana I've become close to is from Vegas ... De La Vega from Vegas ... funny right?? Haha well anyways, I asked her if she knew of the only people I know from Vegas, mom's cousins and so I said, "Do you by chance know a mom with the name of Zan!?" and she got super excited and said, "ZAN HYER!?!?!" Hahaha and then she proceeded to tell me she is super close with Zan and the entire Hyer fam. Is way good friends with Jared, the one I went to the Y with haha, and yeah she was soo excited when she found out I was related to them. Soo funny. But yeah and then I've made a ton of other connections with people including another one of Connor Haller's friends.. He came up to me and said, "You dated Michael Haller, Connor Haller's older brother!!" haha and I was like I sure did! And then he told me he had heard about me from Connor, seen pictures on Facebook of me and Miguel (I can officially call him Miguel now that I am speaking Español and am in Mexico hahaha best thing) and had heard about when Connor fake proposed to me, etc. Makes me so happy making connections with people. And I need to tell Connor he's quite popular over here. 

Haha no but it's way fun. I love my missionaries over here soo much. Like I said last week though, we only have about 160 Hermanas, we gained more this week... but then lost some too I guess so probably less than that... but it's way fun because I know everyones faces and I am friends with sooo many of them. It's the best. We're all just so close because we're all here doing the same thing, sacrificing the same things, and just all wanting to serve our Lord to our best ability. No greater place to make the best of friends. All the girls are DARLING!!!! And then there are tons and tons of Elder's and I've made friends with a ton of them too. You see a lot of the same faces around. It's so much fun!!! I wish we interacted more with the Latina Hermanas though but they're soo shy. 

The Latino Elders are CLASSIC though. Yesterday this one Elder was beat boxing and rapping for me and Hermana Howe... he was DEAD serious too and it was hilarious. And all these Latino Elders wanted pictures with us. Probably because we're so blonde haha. So funny. But yeah other updates.. oh yeah, so I had swollen feet for the first week and it was awful!! I didn't want to bring it up in the last email and sound like I was complaining but it was so bad because they would hurt one because they were swollen and two because they were tight in my flats and created man blisters.... I still am trying to heal those dang blisters but they're getting better. You should see how I bandage my feet at night. Maybe I'll send a picture haha. But they're good now and my flats are way more worn in. Mom, feel free to send me the comfiest shoes in the world though once I'm in Cali. Even if they're ugly as ever. Pillow shoes por favor. Haha no I am so good I promise and we're sitting in class a lot of the time. However we walk a lot more than we would in Provo because we're on a campus. 

Which is BEAUTIFUL by the way. Ahh it's soooo pretty. I heard there is a video on LDS.org that shows the Mexico MTC, mi amiga Hermana Winters is supposedly in it too haha and so anyways you should try to find it so you can get an idea of where I'm living!! This place is huge and just soo pretty. Oh and in front by the sign there are these big Palm Trees and parrots fly around in them! It's the best! And as for the food, it's still the same old but I'm embracing it haha. Oh and highlight of me and Hermana's meals is when they bring out a new box of bread pastries... we're obsessed with these rolls that are just covered in sugar and they're AMAZING!!! Haha whenever they bring out a new box we rush over to get them because all the good stuff is gone sooo fast. It's hilarious the things we get excited over. Oh and haha the Hermanas always get to be first in line or butt the lines for food so we always get our food super quick. I'm still embarrassed when there is a huge line of Elder's starving and waiting for food and us Hermanas just trot in and get to go right up to the food. I feel bad but the Elder's are all soo sweet and have to be obedient haha so it's all good. Oh and the other day some Elder's found staples in their cereal... we're all taking extra precautions don't you worry. Hahaha. 

Okay and then let's see... we're teaching two new investigators this week. Benjamin y Gilberto. Two of the teachers we've already had. They're the best too so I am sooo excited to teach them and their fake investigator selves. "Gilberto" doesn't know any English either so that will be fun. Him and Hermana Doxey were doing a demonstration for us the other day and she asked him to try to do some of it in English and he only lasted a few words and went back to Spanish haha. We were all loving watching him try to speak OUR language. It was great. But okay and then as for my District, we're all doing very well but we've got some emotional ones on our hands. Two Elders, Elder Pace and Elder De Los Reyes stormed out of class crying this week when Hermana Hopoate asked them something. Don't know exactly what happened.. and then our District Leader Elder Fridal bawled the other day telling us a story but it was sweet. Then Hermana Wandell has had some more breakdowns. And many of the times not because of something spiritual. Ohh bless her heart. She is just super sensitive yet one of the sassiest and blunt people I know. This is one example for you though, the other day an earthquake alarm went off so we had to go to these earthquake safety spots... and anyways, I guess a real earthquake happened but we couldn't feel a thing. Hermana Wandell was soooo freaked out though that she started like hyperventilating and bawling her eyes out. Really she was FREAKING out. We all helped calm her down but yeah she just cries about a lot. Love her tons though. She's great. Oh yeah, so in my District and room in our home (we have student houses!!) it's me, Hermana Howe, Hermana Wandell, and Hermana Latu. 

You already know about darling Hermana Howe but then Hermana Wandell... she's the most different from us but we love her lots. She's obsessed with Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, went to Jordan High School, was way into choir so she has a beautiful voice, and stuff like that. Then Hermana Latu..... is half Tongan half Mexican and from Rose Park, SLC!!!! Dad's area when he was Bishop! She's my age but went to a Tongan ward dangit!!! Dad, you could have been her BISHOP!!! But anyways, she's absolutely stunning and the best! Ahhh I have so much fun with her. She always calls me home girl and loves making jokes about her being the only brown girl. Hahaha she is hilaaarious. Oh yeah and Hermana Howe did Drill at Pleasant Grove High School, Hermana Latu did cheer, and I did Dance Co. so we've all got that kinda in common haha. But oh yeah and back to my District being emotional, I am the only Hermana not to cry. Hermana Latu just has when she's talked about her mom being a convert and what not and I feel heartless sometimes!!!! Everyone has had breakdowns about home, the language or something but I just feel sooo happy that no tears have come. I have felt the spirit stronger than I ever have before too but it doesn't strike tears. It just makes me feel soo warm and happy. 

So mi familia, don't feel bad that I am not home sick but just know that your support and love encourages me so much and makes me beyond happy. I know I'll be home in a short 18 months and I'm not going to waste a minute worrying about the little things, I know the Lord is with me, and I'm not going to waste any time wishing I were home. Even though I miss you all soo much, of course. Something Ralphyyy wrote to me in his little note he wrote in the notebook Miss Abigail gave me has really stuck with me... I don't have the notebook with me but in it he said something like, promise me you'll never once wish you were home... because you'll be home sooner than you think and wish you were a missionary again. Something like that and ever since I read that I promised myself and you too Ralphonzo that I will never ONCE wish I were home. Because I know my mission is going to flyyy by and I need to embrace and soak in every minute I have being a missionary. Sooner than we know I'll be home and there is absolutely no point in dwelling over anything right now. So thanks for that mi hermano RALPH!!!! Oh and I wish I had developed my pictures!!!! I am dyyying for pictures of you all. Luckily I had a couple already on my camera but I NEED MORE!!! So gayyyorg, get on that will you please and send them either here or to Cali asap!! Oh yeah, people are getting packages and physical letters all the time. The address in my mission packet is the old one but with the new one stuff gets here in 2 weeks!!! Send some letters my way por favor!!!!!!! Also, feel free to Dear Elder me too!!! I can get those from the mail place too. I would love ANYTHING!!!!! 

Oh yeah and I still haven't met anyone going to my mission. I've met people FROM there but no missionaries going with me..... poop. Oh well, it will just be that much more exciting when I actually get out to the field. But okay well I need to go but I love you all soo much!!! I'm sorry if I make a ton of spelling mistakes in my emails or make no sense too because I am typing (with my two pointer fingers hahaha) sooo fast and don't have time to look back over my emails. But just know I love you all sooo so much and I'll tell you more next weekend!! Thanks soo much for praying for and thinking of me. I can feel your love so much and I am praying for each and everyone of you constantly too. I love you all so much!!! ¡¡¡Te amo mi maravillioso familia!!!!

Con mucho mucho amor, Hermana Barth

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