Friday, September 19, 2014

The Biggest Surprise!


I have the CRAZIEST and most EXCITING news to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!! I
never ever thought I would be making this announcement but soooo last
night we had transfer calls. I honestly did not think our trio was
going to get mixed up, but it did. Hermana Lee is getting transferred
to Yuba City to be companions with Hermana Hughes!!! My baby!!! And
then Hermana Briggs & I are staying here in Orland but take the
wildest GUESS who is coming to Orland to be in the trio with us!?!?!??
DREAM come true!?!?? Hahaha I am still in complete SHOCK!!!!!!! This
was our biggest desire from the beginning!!!!! We would always talk
about how we needed to be companions again at the end of her mission,
how it would be our last dying wish and how I need to be the one to
kill her off (she has 2 more transfers left). I never thought it would
ever actually happen (I knew it would be far too good to be true) but
it is!!!! Hermana Piggott is coming to ORLAND BABY!!!!!!!!!! I get to
be companions with her again!!!!! Seriously, I could not ask for
anything better. Heavenly Father is far too good to me!!!! I was
talking with her on the phone last night actually - yess, we were both
freaking out - and we kept talking about how this wasn't real and how
we are FAR too blessed. Haha I actually got a letter from her just the
other day and in it she said, "What in the world is going to happen
this transfer... it is making me very worrisome!! My dad emailed me
this week and asked me what I think will happen & I told him I don't
have a clue, but all I truly want is a good companion ready to do the
work. He then said, "Maybe Hermana Barth again?" Haha I assured him
that I would love nothing more than that... So I am hoping for the
best. HAHA. Could you imagine if that happened? Oh dear, I should stop
by daydreaming before it creates a problem for me when it doesn't
happen. AH!" Hahaha and then last week she emailed me and said, "We
will see each other soon enough when I get transferred to Orland.
Hahaha yeah right. I wish!!!!!! Miss you!!!!!" Yeah. We didn't think
it would actually happen. I was convinced she was going to Yuba but
little did I know!!!! I am so excited!! Since I talk about Hermana
Piggott all of the time too, Hermana Briggs has mentioned more than
once how she wished she could be companions with her and now she gets
to be!!!! I don't think I could ask for a better trio to be in, I
couldn't adore these Hermanas more and ahh it will be wonderful. Could
you have expected a CRAZIER or more exciting transfer for me!?!?! I
sure couldn't. I am also very sad to see Hermana Lee leave. I love her
so so much and I am sad we only got SIX weeks together. That's like
the CCM, however time in the field goes by MUCH faster but she is from
Holladay and I know I will see her all the time when we're both back
home. I just feel so blessed that I got to serve with her for this
little while and begin our friendship in the California Roseville

 Okay, and as if it couldn't get more exciting... I have other HUGE
and VERY exciting news!!!!!!! On a more spiritual note. The Rodriguez
family from Gridley, so big Oscar, Idalia, little Christopher & little
Oscar, are getting SEALED as a family on Saturday!!!!!!!!!! This is
the family I got extremely close to in Gridley. I don't know if you
remember but so Hermana Piggott & Hermana Butler re-activated the mom,
Idalia and then we continued to teach her almost every Saturday. They
are the family from El Salvador I talked about a bunch ... little
Oscar is the one who helped lead us to our cutest Jesus and now they
are the best of friends and then big Oscar is the sweetest, biggest
teddy bear, who we got super close to and anyways ... I am obsessed
with this family. And they are getting SEALED in the beautiful House
of The Lord for all of time & eternity! This honestly could not be
more exciting or sweet. Hermana Richards told me last night on the
phone and I couldn't contain my excitement and I just had the warmest
feeling come into my heart. Also, when I told Hermana Piggott she was
beyond excited as well. We both felt as if we were going to cry. As I
was picturing being in the temple with my precious members of the
Gridley branch and then seeing the Rodriguez family, whom I love with
all of my heart, all dressed in white - being SEALED together - I
could not picture anything more absolutely perfect. It will be a
glimpse of Heaven!!!! I still need to call President Marston to get
permission for Hermana Piggott & I to go but I am not expecting it to
be a problem.

Ohh I would be lying if I said I didn't have teary eyes during all of
these announcements last night and didn't fall asleep with a full
heart, butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face. I honestly
could not have been given two greater announcements in one night!!! I
feel soooo so beyond blessed & humbled. My mission could NOT possibly
be more perfect and I am the absolute luckiest missionary in the
entire world!!! I am convinced.

I STILL CANNOT GET OVER ALL OF THIS!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy!!!!!!

But as for another quick announcement, Maria is back on date!!! She
will now be getting baptized in September. We have her on date right
now for September 20th, which is her Birthday ... so we're hoping
that's solid. Her mom is moving out in September and she said she is
an adult, can make her own decisions and doesn't want anything or
anyone coming in the way of this, something that will completely
change her & her life. So she wants to get baptized once her mom
leaves. Although her mom is a stubborn lady regarding religion, I
seriously love her so much. I always chat with her for a little while
before our lessons with Maria and she keeps making more doilies for
us!! And now she wants to make us each our own cross-stitches, etc.
She is too good to us. Haha she also loves joking with me and we
always laugh a ton together. We have a good relationship, Ana & I. I
just wish she would take the gospel more seriously. HOWEVER, she
always does her stitching, etc. outside and last time when I was
talking to her she whipped out from her bag the Plan of Salvation
pamphlet and said she really enjoys reading from it. We're making

  One more update: I almost forgot to tell you the worst story ever!!
Haha so long story short. The other day, Hermana Lee went to Lincoln
for a baptism and Hermana Briggs & I were left here to take over the
area. Well, the day started wonderful and we had two awesome member
present lessons. Then, we had a dinner in Chico and we got extremely
lost - had no gps & were given the worst directions haha. Well
anyways, we were 30 minutes late to dinner which led us to beIng 30
minutes late in meeting another member, Hermano Whitaker, at Amparo's
house for a quick visit. Well, we already felt awful for being sooo
late & then as soon as we got there, Hermano Whitaker told us he
accidentally just locked his keys in his car. Well, LUCKILY dad... you
sent me my AAA card (he had nothing of the sort) so I immediately
called them up and an hour later (I was on the phone with the lady
stationed in Oklahoma for 30 minutes) they came and took care of
business. Haha our investigator wasn't even home either but her kids
came out after 45 minutes telling us she wasn't there. Pretty sure
they thought we were complete stalkers haha and then Amparo showed up
right as the AAA truck arrived. Ohh my goodness. It was a complete
disaster but luckily I am so happy about life that I was able to laugh
it all off and keep on smiling. I tried my best to cheer up Hermano
Whitaker too and we made him a big batch of cookies the next day to
apologize after the 50th time. He was very very nice about it all.
Haha and the AAA guy kept referring to Hermano Whitaker as my husband,
so that made us all laugh even more. Kinda lightened up the mood.
Hahaha but moral of the story, well one of them, DAD - you were
completely inspired to have mom send me my new AAA card. As
missionaries, with mission owned vehicles, we are completely covered
for any car problems we have by the mission, but who knew I was going
to be needing the card for a member here. What a miracle!!!!!! I am so
happy you follow the promptings of the spirit Fath. I have no idea
what we would have done otherwise!!

 I have a lot more to update you all on but I will fill you in next
week!! Too much to do today!

 Also, today we went on a hike with the senior missionaries to a place
called Black Butte reservoir. It was very beautiful & fun! And then
right now we're at the church, transfer craziness... And then we have
to help Hermana Lee prepare to leave & get everything ready for
Hermana Piggott to come!!! And now I am too excited to think about
what else to write so I am going to end this here. Life is AMAZING and
I truly truly couldn't be happier!! Haha I often feel guilty for how
happy I am. Reminds me of when dad would say Grandpa Barth would say
he almost felt guilty for how happy serving others made him feel. As a
missionary, my purpose is to make others happy by inviting them to
come unto Christ ... but along the way, I am the happiest person
alive. I love serving, preaching and spreading the gospel of Jesus
Christ and I have learned more than ever before that the gospel is the
only way to truly feel joy & peace in this life. I feel so blessed to
have the knowledge I have. The church is true!!!!!!!


Con mucho amor y un gran abrazo,

Hermanita Barth

Ps. Ben & Angelee are officially married!!!!! .... and Jane & Carter
are officially married!!! Soo exciting!! The most adorable couples &
two of my very best friends. I love them so so much and knowing how
happy they all must be makes ME so happy!!!!! Ohh I hope you gave them
all my love!!!! I'm sad I missed seeing each of them on their special
and extremely important days but I'm glad you all got to be there for
me and enjoy the wonderful celebrations. Oh, happy day.

Also, we got to skype with Yamara & her parents yesterday!! It was soo
much fun and I snapped a few shots of us all Skyping afterwards. I am
so happy to put these iPads to good use!! This is why we are given the
opportunity & privilege to have them. And now Hermana Piggott can join
us!!! They are going to be thrilled! So so fun. Also, I still am
trying to get them all baptized before I head home. I know they will
be baptized someday!!!!!!

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