Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello my beautiful family!! And loveliest friends!!!!!!

First off, sorry I am emailing soo late. We ran lots of errands today
and then the English sisters came over and we had some fun together
outside. I couldn't bare to stay inside when the sun was shining!!! So
we are just coming back inside. Haha and we didn't go to p-day
activity because the Elders were going to ROPE COWS. Yep, farm town. I
love it. Oh, and last week on p-day while we were in our lesson at the
church with Angel, some of the Elders in our zone parked their cars
all around ours so we were STUCK and couldn't leave till p-day
activity was over. Hahah they are ridiculous. And one Elder even hid
my shoes. They are honestly out of control. YeBut we didn't go roping
and so us sisters had fun together. So that is why I am emailing so
late... But anyways... how are you all!? Sounds like everything is
going very well in SALT LAKE CITY. Wow, I love Salt Lake soo much.
Haha whenever people ask me where I am from I am SO proud to tell
them. But how is everything!? Sounds like the weather is getting to be
very nice! It is BEAUTIFUL here. Soo sunny and warm. I am loving it
actually. We are still praying for rain but it's nice to get a little
Vitamin D. Also, we have been walking tons more so it has been super
nice. Also, all of the orchards are starting to bloom so it's
gorgeous!!!! All of these perfectly lined trees topped with white
blossoms. Sooo so pretty and magical. But my dearest darlings... I
love you all so much!!!

 Ohh and guess what is NEXT Sunday!?!? BARB J's
BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I can't believe it is already here!!! And guess who
else's Birthday that is!?! My sweetest Hermana Howe's!!!!!! How is it
possible that two of my favorite people share the same Birthday!? It's
too perfect. But HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you
soooo much. I can't believe it is almost March though! Where has the
time gone!?! It's starting to freak me out a little bit haha. Also,
what is going on with everyone at home either seriously dating
someone, getting engaged or close to it!?! Sounds like there is LOTS
of love in the air over there hahaha. Every week I am hearing about
more and more. It is CRAZY!!!! I feel like I am missing a million
weddings but that's okay. I'll be able to attend the one I really have
to, that being my own. Hahaha and luckily I have a few weddings I can
be positive I will not miss. That being my mission companions haha.
Other than that, I have absolutely no idea!! Soo exciting though. I
love weddings, summer wedding season, all of that. So so fun. Abs, get
on top of sending me lots of pictures!!! I want to see pictures of all
the beautiful brides. 

However, even though I am missing all of that...
I want you to know I truly could not be happier and would not want to
be ANYWHERE else in the world right now, doing anything else. I am
seriously THE happiest person alive and couldn't love my life more
right now. I am just constantly filled with such happiness, peace, and
comfort. I am SOO HAPPY!!!! I love my mission more than I can or will
ever be able to express and never want it to end!!!!!!!!!!! Naturally
it will have to some day...... But I am too happy and loving it too
much!!! I absolutely love everything about my mission right now. I
LOVE Gridley, I love love the people here with all of my heart, I love
my companion, love my last companion who I got to see on Saturday
(Hermana Piggott!!!!!), I love everyone so much.... My investigators,
recent converts (my little angels), the less-actives, the members,
even the Mexican man who sells us mangos!!!!! I love everyone and
everything and I am just soooo happy I could scream!!! Hahaha it's
amazing I tell you. I love spreading and preaching the gospel all day
every single day, I love studying my Book of Mormon  every morning...
I honestly am soo excited to study each day, it's sooo wonderful and I
think about every day when we're reading I'll stop and just say, 

And the Book of Mormon I am
currently marking right now is so precious to me. Haha I am
obsessed!!!!!!! I want everyone to read this book soooo badly. Because
I KNOW that if they will just READ it, and PRAY about it... they will
KNOW it is soooo so true!!!! And will CHANGE their lives!!!!!!!!! I am
so beyond blessed to have this knowledge and to have the Book of
Mormon and gospel in my life. I truly, sincerely cannot imagine what
my life would be like without it. So family... I hope you all are
reading EVERY SINGLE DAY. And TRULY reading and pondering over the
words you read. I don't know if I ever told you about this but at our
Christmas Conference President Weston challenged our entire mission to
read the Book of Mormon by March (I can't remember the exact day) but
so what the goal is... Is we read 6 pages a day (of the brand new book
we each got) and we have to mark everything that revolves around faith
and then underline anytime it says Lord, Savior, Jesus Christ, God,
Messiah, etc. and ohh my goodness. How amazing has this experience
been. My entire Book of Mormon is marked up with colors (I have all my
favorite favorite scriptures marked in a different color too, etc.)
but I have been learning sooo much and it is just AMAZING!!!! I find
myself making cross-references and reference chains all the time
too... It's the best!! You should all do it. Starting off my day by
reading helps sooo much too. I am starting off my day with the spirit
so strongly touching and filling me and then for the rest of the day I
am pondering over what I have read, applying the doctrine and
principles I learn to those I am teaching, etc. It's the best!!!!! But
okay... As for quick updates...... I have to hurry haha

1. We had THE best Zone Conference this past week!!!! Wow. I don't
know if I have ever been more inspired or uplifted in my entire
life!!!! It was AMAZING!!! Can I just tell you that my mission
president is the absolute BEST man in the world (besides you dad) and
is just the most spiritual, intelligent, loving, inspiring, self-less,
Christ-like person!!!!! He is seriously THE BEST and my companion and
I joked afterwards that our Husbands BETTER be like him. He is
seriously amazing. We won't settle for less. Haha. Hermana Piggott and
I would have these talks as well. And him with his wife.... My heart.
They are so precious!!!! I am obsessed with them. Haha honestly we are
all soo obsessed with them. They are just incredible incredible
people. I feel soo beyond blessed and lucky to have been able to serve
under him and I am going to soak up this last bit of time we have with
him as well!!! I cannot even talk about him leaving yet. So sad. But I
wish I could go on and on about all that was talked about and done at
Zone Conference but I don't have enough time. It truly changed me
though and I feel like I sincerely walked out of that building a new
person!! With new ideas, goals, motivations, etc. AMAZING. I felt the
spirit soooo strongly throughout the whole meeting and even got teary
at parts. We also talked about the Spirit for a long time during it
and wow, it gives me chills even thinking back on it. Ahhh I have so
much to say about it. I will share more thoughts on it next week.

2. On Saturday we went to the baptism in Lincoln and I got to see my
HERMANA PIGGOTT!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was EVEN better than I
anticipated!!! Haha Sister Hamblin drove us and as soon as we got to
the church, Hermana Piggott opened the door from the building and I
jumped out of the car, OPENED my arms out wide hahahaha yelled,
"HERMANA PIGGOTT!!!!!!" and raaaaan to her!!!! Hahaha we then hugged
like crazy and I cannot even tell you the joy that filled me. I
immediately had tears in my eyes as well and it felt as if I hadn't
seen her in SOO LONG!!!!! It felt like an after the mission, airport
deal hahaha. I was SOOO HAPPY!!!!! And I couldn't stop hugging her. Oh
my goodness. I am so obsessed with her. Haha I know she is going to be
reading this too...... but she already is clearly aware of my
obsession. We are the same person though and she is my best best
friend. I had always heard of people meeting their BEST friends on
their missions too but I didn't expect to find an Hermana Piggott. She
is more than a best friend to me. She's honestly my sister. My
Hermana!!! Hahaha OHHH my goodness. Amazing. Amazing. The rest of the
time I was there we were glued to the hip too and couldn't stop
talking and catching up. Haha one of her investigators saw us chatting
forever and said, "I can tell you two miss each other a lot!!" OHHH
Hermana Piggott. I love her so much. I cannot WAIT for you all to meet
her in person. I know you met her over Skype on Christmas haha but it
will be so fun when we all can be together again. It will be too good
to be true!! But anyways... It was such a joyous reunion and I was so
so happy. It was the best catching up and I miss her more than I can
say!!!!! Haha I wish you could all have seen us when we saw each
other. It was a movie moment. She also has never looked more gorgeous
and ahhhh I love her so much. Ps. We made a promise to write every
week even if it's a short note so it's the best. We're really "keeping
in touch" hahaha love you Hermana Piggott. Get ready for my letter
this weeek!!!!

3. We have started teaching a FAMILY!!!!! The Castaneda's. Hermana
Piggott and I started teaching them awhile back but we weren't able to
get a hold of the mom very much... And she never came to church. But
Sister Payne (the stake president's wife and friend of the mom) got
Erin her daughter Cookie to come to church one Sunday and then that
day we had dinner at the Payne's, then we delivered beds and bedding
to their house that President Lopez had because they were in need and
that's when we met the cute dad and now we are teaching the WHOLE
family!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!! We are constantly praying and searching
for families so the fact that we are now teaching a GOLDEN one. I
couldn't be happier. There are 6 in the family and they don't have
much religious knowledge so it's all pretty fresh, like a blank slate
and we are loving teaching them!!! We invited them to be baptized too,
after they barely KNEW anything about baptism... And they said yesss
but they just want to learn more. PERFECT. They will be baptized this
upcoming transfer for sure. Which leads me to my next subject...

4. Transfers. Transfers are this upcoming Sunday!!!! Ahhhh I am
freaking out. I am not at all ready to leave Gridley. We have sooo
many people soo close to baptism, I need one more transfer!!!! We
still have so much work to do!! Together! I still have so much work to
do here. And I know many miracles are going to happen this next 6
weeks. So cross your fingers!!! I cannot leave!!! However, we have
zero Spanish sisters coming until April so I don't think President
Weston will switch things up again until then. You NEVER know though.
And he likes to keep us on our toes. So I am a little nervous. We get
3 new Spanish sisters next transfer though and I am super excited
about it. I don't know if I told you this but we have only had one new
Spanish sister since me. Haha so slowly but surely the Hermanas are
coming!!!!! Oh! And it was Hermana Rodriguez that came dad!! I saw her
at Zone Conference!! She is soo cute and I told her I had heard about
her from you and she wants to know who the Sister is that you talked
to. She threw out some names of Sisters she thought it could have been
but what's the Sister's name?? Who served in Arizona Spanish
speaking?? Anyways, I would love to be this Hermana's compañera one
day. She is awesome!!!!!!!! Oh, and on Saturday night we were at the
Rodriguez's for dinner and I was talking to Oscar about transfers..
Well little Christopher then asked me when I thought I was leaving and
I told him maybe in a week and he started crying hahaha. It was sad.
Love that family so so much. I love everyone here soo much. They are
all my family and I feel sooo so close to them. My little branch
family especially.... Ahhhh I love them so much.

5. After Zone Conference President and Sister Weston came to our place
to do "inspections" haha more like they walked in, looked around the
house for a second and just chatted with us. But then we went over to
the Elizondo's and visited Yamara and Lorenza!! President came up to
me at the beginning of Conference saying he wanted to visit them and
Lorenza didn't get off work till 5 so we planned it perfectly and went
over as soon as she got home. It was a miracle actually. More to the
story. But we went over there and it was quick, President had to head
to Redding for their next Conference but it was sooo good. He got to
talk to them for a little (we translated for President and Lorenza)
and then he gave a blessing on the house. Very very sweet and special.
Yamara appreciated it very much and was still shaking in her boots
when she saw him and he was in her presence haha. But afterwards
Yamara called us and said that after we left she sat down and read
with her mom in the Book of Mormon and they talked about what they
read, etc. SO AWESOME!!! Lorenza will be baptized soon. I can feel it.
Another reason why I cannot leave yet!!! However, Hermana Piggott and
I will be at that baptism no matter what. President will give us
permission to. Also, a couple of weeks ago President sent Yamara a
personal letter in the mail congratulating her on her baptism and
asking for her to send him her conversion story. Sooo cool!!! She
really is so amazing and President admires her a lot. They have a very
sweet and special relationship now.

6. Yesterday we had 6 investigators to church which was very
exciting!!!! We honestly have sooo many amazing people right now and
keep finding more!!! The Lord is truly blessing us and hastening the
work!! I love MY mission!!!!!! The California ROSEVILLE Mission!!!
Best mission in the world. I am convinced. But also, in church I was a
mom again. Haha I sat in between Estrellita, Marcella's little darling
and Maria, Jesús's hermanita, my little obsessions... And anyways...
They were both using my crayons and drawing and it was soo fun for me
and I am obsessed with the both of them. I cannot wait to come back
for the both of their baptisms!!!!!!

Okay, so we just had to run over to the Hamblin's to help Brother
Hamblin and get some stuff to make Gridley sweatshirts next week haha
but so I am back and p-day is almost over and same with my emailing
time!!! So I have to go. But real quick... I have a couple more
scriptures I want you to all read......

Alma 37:36-37 ... We talked about Alma 37-37 a TON at Zone Conference
and since it has been so engraved into our minds and we have pondered
over it so much, we have shared it with a lot of other people and I
just love it so much!!!!

36 "Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings
be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord;
yea, let all they thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the
affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever."

37 "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee
for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord,
that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the
morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these
things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day."

I really will expound on my thoughts on these two verses next week.
Ahhhh wish I had more time. I wish so badly I could talk more about
these but I have to go!!!!! Think and ponder about them. I love you
all so much!!!! Sorry this has been the most scattered email ever. I
have been all over the place today. Okay HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MY
BEAUTIFUL MAMA AND HERMANA HOWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 2nd... WOOT

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Barth

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  1. I loved Emilie's scripture references. Especially Alma 37:37. I think I am going to talk Eric into using that on our missionary plaque ;).