Monday, February 10, 2014

I love this work!!

Hello my ohh so darling and lovely family of mine!!

How are you all!? My beautiful family. Mm I love you all so much.
Okay, so I honestly don't know where to begin but I am going to make
this a bullet point email so I can make what I say a bit more simple
and clear.....

1. My new companion. Haha I know you are all DYING to hear about her.
Every one of you has asked about her and us as a companionship!! Soo..
Her name is Hermana Richards. Nicole Richards to be exact. She was
born in London, England (Brad & Britt ... woot woot) so her mother is
British and her dad is from Canada. So she was born there and then
when she moved to the U.S. she lived in parts of California and then
good ol' Texas. She went to BYU for two years just like me and
ACTUALLY we both lived in Helaman Halls together our freshman year and
then BOTH lived in King Henry our sophomore year!! Soo we haves lived
in the same places at the same time yet never met! We know we've seen
each other a million times before though because especially with
Helaman Halls and the Cannon Center... there is not a chance we
haven't. But pretty crazy huh!? Okay, and she is AWESOME!!! She is
flawless. Soo pretty and just such an incredible person. I seriously
love her soo much. I know it is a little nerve wracking getting a new
companion and all but again, I am SO lucky!!!! Haha ahhh she really is
the best!! We have already had some of the best times together and
have spent so much time just laughing our heads off. But as for the
mission work, we work SO WELL together! All of the lessons we have had
have been sooo good and we seem to really feed off of each other
nicely. Also, her Spanish is AMAZING!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!! She
talks like a native! She has SUCH a nice accent and everyone
compliments her on it. Hahahaha I still sound like such a GRINGO I
just know it. But she is helping me A TON. We have already made some
nice plans for language study and learning/speaking the language
better. I feel sooo blessed and lucky to have her as my companion
though. I already feel like I have learned a ton more Spanish and
overall she has already taught me SO MUCH!! I love watching the
teaching tactics of people and learning from them. It's awesome!!
Also, everyone already loves her here and she fits in so nicely. She
has already grown such a great love for our recent converts, the
members and our investigators as well. I am so excited! We have REALLY
gotten to work on some of the people to and we're trying our best to
make things happen. I love it and love her!! Also, she is the most
down to earth, nicest, coolest, person ever. I love just chatting with
her and the more I've gotten to know her the more I love her. Also, I
have been more of a listener this past week because she loves talking
almost as much as I do haha. But I love it and she has a crazy life
story, with her parents and everything... So I have loved hearing
everything about her and her life. I love getting to know people and
hearing their story. It's the best. Also, our first day together she
got bit by a dog (full on attacked her leg and bit it HARD..) and we
got offered beer by some drunk men who followed to be very
disrespectful, and she never once complained about her leg or even
flinched about it and we were able to laugh off the happening with the
drunk men so I definitely have a KEEPER. She makes this work so fun.
While also being super obedient, having direct goals in mind at all
time, getting work DONE and just doing the best we can. I am so happy.
But so anyways, sorry for everyone who wanted me to get a crazy
companion haha. Hermana Richards is THE BEST!!!!!! However, I still
miss and love my dearest Hermana Piggott soooo very much. Nobody will
ever replace her and our friendship is far to unique, special, and
close to ever compare to. We definitely shed some tears when we had to
hug and say goodbye.... But she's my best girl and this has only been
the beginning of our friendship. I am happy as ever!!!!!! And on to a
new adventure!!!! Even though I am still in Gridley it's a different
feel with a new companion. Especially with the area and people being
completely new and fresh to her. It's great!!!!

2. Elizondo family. First off, on Wednesday they had YW Recognition
night and we went for our dinner and then watched it with Lorenza and
Antonio. Yamara sang in a trio in Spanish and then bore her testimony
in Spanish so her parents could understand, for part of the program.
It was amazing!!! I was watching her and had tears come to my eyes and
multiple times. I felt like a proud MOM watching her haha. And I felt
as though I could see exactly how our Heavenly Father sees her. As his
precious daughter. I could feel that PURE love of Christ for her. She
really is my little angel and I couldn't have felt happier or more
impressed with her. She has the most sincere, strong and powerful
testimony. She is wise beyond her years (President Lopez and Brother
Orme always say that about her). I cannot wait till you all can meet
her and know exactly what we're taking about. But the program was
amazing and Lorenza and Antonio were super touched by it as well. They
both felt the spirit and were super happy. So that leads me to
LORENZA.. She is progressing sooo much!!! So updates: she told Yamara
she knows everything we're teaching her is the truth, she believes in
Joseph Smith whole heartedly along with the Book of Mormon and she is
reading it!! I also challenged Yamara to start reading with her mom
every night. They both said they want to do it so I will keep up on
them. Lorenza really is progressing so much though and impressing her
more and more each day. Last night we were at their house and I felt
inspired to ask Lorenza what she wanted to learn more about and she
said without hesitating and with a smile on her face, "José Smith."
Best answer! I was super excited and we got teaching her but Antonio
would interrupt a ton and go off on things that didn't have to do with
the lesson. We were asking Lorenza what all she knew about Joseph
Smith and we got to where he was killed and martyred. Antonio then
went on and on about the killings in Mexico and our time was getting
lost. So he can make it difficult sometimes, still love him, but so we
want to continue the lesson with her alone. We need to teach her alone
sometimes. But we want to get her on date this week it's just what has
been keeping her from getting on date is the fact that she's still
stuck on her Catholic upbringing. She's super attached to it. Which
makes complete sense. But she has a lot of problems with the Catholic
religion as well. She'll be baptized. And soon I hope! I love it too
because Yamara used to never think her mom would be baptized and now
she'll say, "WHEN my mom is baptized...." I love it! Also, she says
she is saving up her money to serve a mission. She will be an
incredible missionary one day. And she already loves talking about the
generations following her that will have the church in their lives...
She's amazing.

2. We taught Rosa and Maggie again and it was amazing! We taught them
the Plan of Salvation and Maggie remembered a ton! We also had Yamara
there which was amazing. But the lesson was sooo good and we were able
to really go into depth about it all. Rosa is SERIOUSLY GOLDEN. She
said she already asked her dad what he thought about her being
baptized a Mormon and he is being taught by the Elders right now so
it's perfect! But he just asked her why and she went into a ton of
things.. She said she told him she thinks what we are teaching her is
true and then she also said how there are a lot of things about the
Catholic religion she doesn't like. Such as, she asked him why they
don't have missionaries preaching the gospel to the world like we do
because that's what we're supposed to do. It says it in the Bible
even. So she loves how we have 80,000 missionaries in the world and
says that's how it's supposed to be. She said she doesn't like how
Catholics go to church but will swear in the church and then leave the
building and not follow any of God's commandments.. Etc. She
completely agrees that babies should not be baptized, they are
innocent and don't need that ordinance yet.. She completely
understands why we have a Prophet and even said that the Pope must
have been from one of those churches that branched off from Christ's
church... Etc. I can't remember everything but she's SMART. And really
GETS it. I love it!! So we're super excited about her and her dad is
being taught and apparently has a great interest in the Book of
Mormon. Said it really must be either completely TRUE or completely
FALSE. So he's really reading it and I know he'll study it out... And
find out it is TRUE. Which is EVERYTHING. And Rosa said she saw her
mom reading from the Book of Mormon the other day as well... This
whole family will be baptized!!! Ahhhhh oh and one thing Rosa said she
liked about the Catholic Church is how they take the sacrament every
Sunday and we said we do too and she loved it!!! She's perfect. I have
strong FAITH. I will give more updates next week.

3. So Living Legends from BYU is coming to Oroville, a town in our
area, and Brother Orme bought Yamara and Lorenza both tickets. And now
Yamara is going to be in it!! Apparently they are going to be calling
her up onto the stage at the beginning and end. They needed a Lamanite
looking girl and Brother Orme is friends with someone who asked him to
find a girl and so waaaalaa!! Yamara!! So awesome. She has to go to
both performances and I wish soo badly I could go watch her!

4. We had dinner at some English members house the other night and
when I walked in I saw all these German mugs (those cool fancy ones
dad has.. don't know what they're called) and I saw on one it said
Rothenburg... I got super excited, started rambling about Germany, our
family, the dad Brother Sheyer's family is from there, can't remember
where... She had a German exchange student, we got talking and they
said Montpelier! Sister Sheyer's sister lives there! So they knew all
about Bear Lake, knew of Fish Haven... I told them to look for our
place next time they're there... They started telling Hermana Richards
all about the beautiful, ocean like aqua blue water... Etc. so we had
those two things in common!! And then they both do sign language! They
adopted a deaf boy!! So I had fun doing some signs with them as well.
We got a long great and they are just the cutest old folks. I looooove
meeting new people and getting to know them! Also, making connections
with people is one of my favorite things to do. The Hermanas in the
MTC used to make fun of me for it but I love it. I feel like you mom
haha. Also, speaking of Germany. Grandma Barth wrote half of the last
letter to me in German!! I loved it so much. Have I ever told you she
is my #1 writer?? As in handwritten letters? I hear from her about
every other week if not more and I love it!!! We are pen pals and I
couldn't think of someone I'd rather be pen pals with!!! She is the
BEST and I love the letters we send back and forth. She is so darling.
Dad, you have the most incredible mother in the world. Next to G-MA
Call who is equally as amazing. I love her sooo much too. I am
obsessed with my grandmas!! Tell them I love them for me and give them
both the BIGGEST hugs for me as well. Mm I love them so much. Warms my
heart. Also, I WILL learn German someday. If not in this life, in the
next. But as of now I'll try to learn one new language at a time.....

5. Random stuff... The Mexican ladies are still on the streets walking
around with their carts and rainbow umbrellas. We got full mangoes on
sticks the other day and she cut them into flowers! Reminded me of
when you were in Mexico Abs. Soo we keep seeing people just riding
horses on the streets. Totally normal. Reminds me of when we were in
Itajuba (can't remember how to spell it) in Brazil haha and we saw
that. That is SOO amazing that so many people are getting called to be
Mission Presidents or to serve missions!! All of the couples! Such as
mom's relatives, the Dunn's, the Carter's, Robynn and Eric Rasmussen
(I got the BEST envelope of a letter from Robynn with Haley's emails
as well from Robynn this week... She's the BEST!!!! Tell her I LOVED
it) and also... Tell Cynthia and Robynn I am sending them both letters
today so hopefully they get them by the time you three go out to lunch
this week mom. I love those two woman. They feel like my other moms
hahaha. Oh and Barb, can you please somehow get me Berkeley's
address???? I need to write my sweetie. I miss her.

Okay, I am out of time but thank you for all the letters!!!!! I'll
write more next week!!! And hopefully send some handwritten letters
today too. Oh! And Brodles!!! I have been pondering and pondering over
the scripture you sent me and started writing my thoughts down on it
in a letter for you. I don't have time in email to really write out my
deep thoughts and go into depth.. So a letter is coming your way this
week. And I LOVED all that you said about it in your last weeks email.
I will write more in my letter... Also, Britt doggg I love you and
miss your beautiful face more than you know!! Ralphonzo I love and
miss your bum!!!! Scooter... I am writing you a handwritten letter as
well, just need your ADDRESS!!! But don't feel like I am not going to
respond to your emails that I love so very much. Because I AM. And my
sweeeet sweeeet gayyyyorg MRS. GOCHNOUR ... I will send you a letter
responding to your email as well. Dad & Mom... I will send you letters
too!!! Dad, did you get my little package!?!?!? And I love hearing
about how the work is hastening in your stake!!!! I love it!!!! And
that your theme is about the snares of Satan. Satan really is the
WORST!!!!! He is my worst enemy and sometimes frustrates me sooo
bad!!!!! He is trying to work on my investigators and I am not okay
with it!!! Haha okay. I have to go. Also, Mads sent me a LOVELY
package and I've gotten some awesome letters as well. I love everyone
soooo much!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Con mucho amor y un gran abrazo,

Hermana Barth

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